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I was doing the walk of shame on Sunday afternoon. And no, not that walk of shame. I'm talking about when you're walking around for the 1 p.m. games, still wearing the jersey of your team, even though you already lost in the morning. It's the NFL fan equivalent of walking around in your clothes from the previous night.

So I'm making the walk to Trader Joes in my Matt Forte Bears jersey (hey, he's still my guy!) and I'm expecting to hear the catcalls that come with losing. But the strangest thing happened. I got a lot of double takes when I walked around the corner, mostly pretty nice, mostly pretty all right. Some head nods. A thumbs up. And even a slap on the back.

Although, there was one Packers fan who had to run his mouth, mostly because they are the saltiest winners in the NFL. Not that I can blame them; if I had 30 years of Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers with just two rings to show for it, I'd be rather bent, too. And really, can we stop with the praise of Aaron Rodgers for quick-snapping teams when they are trying to get players off the field? He's like that dude you see in pickup basketball. He yells "ooh ooh" to his opponent, trying to trick him to pass him the ball. Which isn't illegal. But also not very chill. Actually, kind of a jerk move. But whatever. He wins and makes funny commercials so everybody gives him kudos. I'm fine with it.

But people were giving me daps because the Bears played pretty well. Or mostly because Tarik Cohen looked like a freaking superstar on Sunday. On a weekend where Kareem Hunt ethered the New England Patriots and Leonard Fournette rushed 87 times against the Texans, it was Cohen who was the rookie de jour in Week 1.

A number of people wanted to know if Cohen was for real. He is.

Can he keep it going next week? He will.

And is this the best Bears running back since Walter Payton? No.

Be realistic, people. The Bears haven't done very well in the quarterback department in quite some time. But the lineage of Bears running backs is pretty outstanding dating back to Gale Sayers and going through Payton, Neal Anderson, Tom Jones (why did we draft Cedric Benson?), Forte, Jordan Howard and now this guy.

Howard and Cohen could be a pretty good combination, too. I get it, they both play running back. But the Bears could use some playmakers. Also some people to cover the tight end when it's third-and-forever. Seriously, how do you let Austin Hooper score an 88-yard touchdown reception? HOW! (I saw the tape, I know how. You don't cover the dude.)

And realize Bears offensive coordinator Donal Logue was, damn it, I always do this. Bears offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains was on the Titans staff in 2008 when Chris Johnson rushed for 1,228 yards and nine touchdowns, while LenDale White went for 773 and 15 scores. Both are going to be fine, people.

But look, people. The Bears weren't terrible. Which seems damning with faint praise. But when the best moment of the last half decade was ruining Brett Favre Appreciation Night (which was actually the first Thanksgiving we had with my daughter), then you're going to take the small wins and moral victories when you get a chance. Now if we can just close a game or two, that would be pretty rad, too.

All right, maybe I need to calm down a bit.

And without further ado ...

I dislike the Sam Bradford haters of the world. All of the dudes who have brushed off his first start with "Saints defense, lawlz!" or whatnot. The Bradford tape is pretty good. Damn good. And we're seeing what he can do with two healthy receivers and a rushing attack. Keep disrespecting him, fools.

Trevor Siemian will at some point be a reliable streaming option. He moves well in the pocket and made some great throws against a tough Chargers defense. The thing is, this week, there are better options. But don't sleep on him in the future.

I'm not about to chase the fantasy points with Alex Smith this week. Hunt and Hill made him look like Norm Van Brocklin last week, but I'm not counting on it again. I don't want to go into full "we've seen this movie before" with Smith. But I'm just saying there are a few better options.

Eli Manning wasn't great. I don't want to overreact and scream "DEAD ARM" but it looked pretty bad. No pressure, Eli, but you need to do something against the Lions.

Carson Wentz is 4-0 in September with seven touchdowns, one pick and a 101.8 passer rating. Which is an awesome nugget to drop on your friends when you're watching games. I'm not starting him, though. Two QB leagues, super-flex notwithstanding.

I know about the Ben Roethlisberger home-road split nonsense. I still don't feel great about him this week. The Vikings defense looked good. I have him as my QB15.

Matthew Stafford was amazing. But he did this stuff last year. Three touchdowns against the Colts in Week 1 and just as we all got hyped on him, he had one TD against the Titans. You aren't going to get me again this year, Matt!

I was thrilled with Jared Goff's debut last week. That's right, I said thrilled. But Goff struggled with a 39.6 passer rating against the blitz last week, and the Redskins were second in the NFL with 20 blitzes in Week 1 (behind Carolina).

Image As many of you know, I have never seen the final three episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" because I could kind of see where they were going with everything. But I feel like Alex Gelhar and I came up with a cool alternative ending where the mother Tracy Mosby ends up killing Robin because he husband spent nine years telling his children the story of how they met, but he couldn't shut up about "Aunt Robin" and now mommy's doing 20-to-life. Sure, that might have been a bit of a darker ending, but could it have been worse? I'm honestly asking because this is the only ending I know.

Image I know I shouldn't get so worked up about wins and losses in the WWE, and instead focus on the screen time because these guys are basically entertainers. But I really want Tye Dillinger to get a bigger push. True, there is nothing better than being on TV with A.J. Styles. But damn, I want him in the championship hunt. They did this to him at NXT, too. He was super-over but they made him lose forever. Part of the dance of wrestling is that I suspend belief to believe this is an athletic contest. How about you throw me a bone?

Image Love Adam Cole and reDRagon being part of NXT. Don't care for the name Undisputed Era. A little meh. I'll buy the T-shirt, obviously. But the T-shirt has a time "CFO" on it which would have been a muuuuuuuch better name. MUCH.

All right, Melvin Gordon stuck it to me again, as he scored a touchdown and double-digit fantasy points against the Broncos. So, I guess you're welcome for all of that.

However, if you watched the game (I know you didn't), he left some points on the field. Even coach Tony Lynn stated as much after the game. The good news for Gordon is there is nobody behind him chasing for PT. And the Chargers do want to run the ball. So that's good.

Robert Kelley was the lead back for Washington last week. But boy, was he less than impressive when you compare him to other NFL running backs.

I'm going to put my guy Rex Burkhead here. But only because I feel this is the kind of jump-start he needs to really get his season going. (Don't worry Rex, I still love you.)

For the record, the Chiefs did a great job of tackling the Patriots receivers near the end zone to prevent them from getting receiving touchdowns. If Brady connects with one or two of those plays (or Gronk's TD isn't overturned) then nobody is scared about it for this week.

T.Y. Hilton was not great on Sunday. I didn't expect it to be that bad. Actually, we kind of did. I can't trust him until Andrew Luck returns.

Sammy Watkins was actually fifth in yards of separation when pressed, which is pretty great. But his matchup with Josh Norman has me a touch concerned this week. Just a touch.

I'm not about that Jarvis Landry life. I know, Jay Cutler tunnel vision walka walka. I really fear Landry gets left out because he's not a Jay Cutler-like receiver.

Speaking of former Cutler targets, I'm not starting Alshon Jeffery this week. The Chiefs allowed the fifth-fewest points at Arrowhead last year. And some dude tried to trade me Alshon this year. I'm like, dude, you know I'm not trading for a former Bear. Come on now.

Image I'm really looking forward to the Dolphins vs. Chargers game this week. The Dolphins already draw a pretty festive crowd. I'm curious to see what kind of imprint the Chargers have made on Los Angeles. Either way, the atmosphere at Stub Hub Center should be amazing. I feel like all NFL teams should play in MLS-style stadiums. Make the in-game experience so much better. But we need these big stadiums for Super Bowls. One solution would be to just build a 120,000-seat stadium in San Diego and play every Super Bowl there. And then NFL teams could scale back their current stadiums.

Image BTW, Chargers. The wife was fully invested in the Chargers game on Monday night. And she was not thrilled when the team fell behind. She went from pissed to livid with rage in about three seconds when she discovered "Bachelor in Paradise" was preempted on ABC7 and moved to another channel, which our DVR did NOT record. DID NOT.

Image For the record, BIP wasn't great this year to no fault of the cast. Having to shut down production really kind of ruined it and everything felt rushed. Especially the final episode. Dean turned out to be the worst dude ever, and now I'm kind of supporting his Swami Dad. Kristina should be the next Bachelorette. Also, Raven is my WCW (or Monday since that's when the show airs) and it didn't go unnoticed by the wife that Raven ended up with Adam.

My LoR does waivers a bit differently. Your initial waiver wire spot is based on draft position and you don't lose your spot until you use it. So people were too scared to put in a bid for Kenny Golladay. And since I'm up at 4 a.m. to get to work, I was able to swoop in and grab him before anybody got up (I also got Cohen). Sorry, I just wanted to brag. If you got KG, congrats. But the Giants defense is pretty legit, I'd shy away from starting him this week.