Rank's 11 Week 15 sleepers: Joe Flacco an elite start?


Oh man. The Los Angeles Rams broke my heart as a youngster. Eric Dickerson was traded while I was trick-or-treating. They gave up two 90-yard touchdown receptions to John Taylor in a Monday Night Game the day after my birthday (but thanks for the tickets, parents!). Oh yeah, and then they didn't exist for more than 20 years.

But I'm not here to speak poorly of the Rams. They deserve a lot of credit for drafting Todd Gurley when it wasn't a need. They drafted Aaron Donald when it wasn't a need. The Red Hot Chili Peppers opened before their first official game back. There are some good things that need to happen.

And it starts with the next coach.

I really hope, by the time you are reading this, the Los Angeles Rams have already hired Jim Harbaugh to be the next coach of the team. (Probably not.) I'm also not lending credibility to this rumor, but instead just talking about it as an LA sports fan. But they (the Rams) need to make a big splash and hire somebody who can bring some added excitement. So like the opposite of Jeff Fisher. The only excitement he had going for him was that he was on the cusp of being the NFL's all-time leader in losses by a head coach. I know a lot of people would see that as being a dubious honor. Like hey, you weren't the worst part of "Showgirls." But you shouldn't be looking at it that way. I mean, if you were able to hang around the NFL long enough to lose the most games (while never winning a Super Bowl, or in Fisher's case with the Rams even having a winning season), that has to be a good thing, right?

The NFL, like the WWE, needs jobbers. And Fisher was probably the best of all-time. He's like the Funaki of NFL head coaches. It's a certain skill to be a person who perpetually loses, yet people in the outside world find you credible enough to be taken as a threat. That's admirable and Fisher did this with aplomb.

And before people get outraged and say things like, "You have no chill, the dude just lost his job." Sure. There is that. But he just received a multi-million-dollar extension that will serve as his severance package. Odds are he will end up with a TV gig at some point. Probably with the NFL Network. And I will end up seeing him in the green room where I will have to laugh uncomfortably at his jokes while I hope to God he's never read this space or my Twitter handle. Not like it would be the first time. I had to do that with Mike Martz. Who turned out to be a pretty nice dude. Or even David Carr. Though I was never straight-up mean with David. If anything, my biggest beef with him came when he was with the Giants. Dude used to rock a shaved head. And if you see his hair now, you would know that it is an outrage for him to have cut his hair so close. For a bald person, it's like if somebody is hobbling around on crutches with a bad ankle, and your buddy wants to take them and tool around with them. So freaking inconsiderate.

Because that is the worst.

So all of that being said, Fisher will be fine. It's not like you know him anyway, but the big question is what will the Rams do next. As I mentioned before, the only choice is Harbaugh. I know a lot of the Michigan fans will be all, "But he's home! He loves Michigan!" Which he does. But Rich Eisen loves Michigan, too, and notice he works for the NFL Network not for the Michigan SID. Just saying.

The Rams have a lot to entice Harbaugh with. A brand new stadium being erected in Inglewood, Calif. The chance to play Pete Carroll twice. The chance to play the 49ers twice. In fact, I bet there are a lot of nervous people in Santa Clara who fear Harbaugh could end up taking that gig. Also, there is the idea of the money, too. Like a lot of it. Stan Kroenke told everybody that he was the right man for the job because he could get things done. And he really needs to here. Because I would like to see it.

Does it happen? Eh, I don't want to give percentages. I'm going to quote another WWE legend when I say "Everybody has their price." Will the Rams be willing to pay it? Not only that, but will they be willing to likely give up control of the entire organization? I would say yes, but I'm not the one writing the checks. My conjecture is the Rams kick the tires on Harbaugh, Jon Gruden and maybe another big name. Hell, Nick Saban, even. They will likely settle on Josh McDaniels. Which is fine. Just as long as you can make something out of Todd Gurley and to a lesser extent Jared Goff (who I'm convinced has the talent to do well).

Well shoot. You've likely read this and thought to yourself, 'that's great Rank. But it's the semi-finals in the fantasy playoffs, how about some sleepers?' Well pipe down, fake audience that only exists in my head. If you need sleepers this far into the fantasy season, how have you survived this long? Just kidding. I'm going to lean heavily on quarterbacks because that's where most of the questions have come in.

Rank's 11 Sleepers, Week 15

QB: Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens
QB: Tyrod Taylor, Buffalo Bills
QB: Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers
QB: Matt Moore, Miami Dolphins
QB: Matt Barkley, Chicago Bears
RB: Kenneth Dixon, Baltimore Ravens
RB: Tevin Coleman, Atlanta Falcons
RB: Kenneth Farrow, San Diego Chargers
WR: Kenny Stills, Miami Dolphins
WR: Adam Thielen, Minnesota Vikings
TE: Lance Kendricks, Los Angeles Rams
DEF: Atlanta Falcons D/ST

Joe Flacco, QB, Baltimore Ravens

This is a pretty tough call. I play in a league where quarterbacks get six points for a touchdown pass as the lord intended. But damn it, this is Joe Flacco. This has Colin Kaepernick disappointment against the Bears written all over it. But the Eagles D has allowed more than 25 points per game on the road this season.

Tevin Coleman, RB, Atlanta Falcons

He's slowly worked himself back into the lineup since his return from injury. The 49ers are dead-last against the run. I would love to get in on both Falcons running backs this week if there is a chance for you.

Kenneth Farrow, RB, San Diego Chargers

He should see the majority of the work if Melvin Gordon is unable to go, which is all but assured at this point. This is going to be a situation to monitor. The Chargers also have Ronnie Hillman in the mix as well, but I would expect the Chargers to lean on Farrow heavily.

Adam Thielen, WR, Minnesota Vikings

His quarterback doesn't like to take chances downfield (6.4 yards per attempt, which is last in the NFL), but they do have a great matchup against the Colts which should work in his favor.

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