Like/dislike: At long last, Le'Veon Bell is back

What we are talking about:

  • Le'Veon Bell

    He's baaaaaaaaack

  • Carson Palmer

    Time to panic?

  • The "Doyle" Rule

    Start Zach Miller

Oh man, it feels so good to get Bell into the lineup. Some might even say it's (wait for it) glorious! And to take that one step further, it would be pretty awesome if Bell mimicked Bobby Roode's entrance from NXT Takeover: Brooklynn II.

DeAngelo Williams is a huge wrestling fan; I hope he can make that happen on Sunday night. It would be much better than the song NBC uses now. That's a prime example of trying to fix something that doesn't need to be fixed. The "Sunday Night Football" song was fine. You didn't need to tweak it. But that's what the NFL does, takes things that you already like and changes them. Don't believe me, then just look at the catch rule. Boom. Roasted.

But we've veered off point.

This is the week that many of us have waited for. It feels similar to the way you would pine for Spring Break in college. Only this time, you don't have to pile up with nine of your friends in a divey hotel room on the banks of the Colorado river that smelled like a bad combination of Copenhagen, Miller High Life and Axe body spray (while you wondered why you just didn't go out to Las Vegas like a real person).

I do remember how tough it has been to hold a spot for Bell these past three weeks. Especially since most of my leagues don't have the roster exemption spot. But it seems worth it now. Especially in those leagues where I have gotten off to a slow start. It's like crap, I'm already 1-2, how much worse could I have been with Bell on my roster? It's like, I'm so glad I burned a roster spot for Lamar Miller. That's working out great.

Though in fairness to me, the only league where we have an exempt spot is the NFL Fantasy League. I would have considered Bell if he had fallen to me in the second round. MJD took him. Smart pick by him. But that league is garbage to me unless Dwayne Washington is as great as I hope he is. I feel like President Whitmore in "Independence Day" (that's right, I like old movies, sue me) where he tells David that the world hopes he's as smart as everybody thinks he is. (But I have confidence in Washington and the Lions. Jim Bob Cooter is the best!)

So he's back and I'm looking forward to what the future has in store, instead of playing for next year. Like the Los Angeles Angels. Speaking of which. I have a friend who has season tickets who still to this day offers to sell me tickets. SELL ME TICKETS. The year is over, brah. You can just let those go for free. You're not getting that money back.

All right, let's go back to fantasy football.

And without further ado ...

Carson Palmer had four interceptions against the Bills after he did not have a giveaway in either of the first two games of the season. He had six turnovers in the NFC Championship Game.

All of Palmer's four interceptions came on throws of more than 10 yards downfield. A stark contrast from the way he handled the rock last year. I'm willing to give Palmer another week (maybe) but the warning signs are there. My hope is he has a great game. Perhaps I can flip him for another quarterback. My gut says he ends up being waiver wire fodder this week.

Jameis Winston had a little bit of a brain cramp during the final drive against your Los Angeles Rams. I really thought he would pull it out. But he's got the Broncos this week who have owned some of the greats dating back to last year. I'm going to go ahead and pass and get the other quarterback in this matchup.

The Vikings defense is the truth. You don't want to start quarterbacks against them, as Cam Newton showed last week. Eli Manning has been sub-15 points in his last two games.

Dak Prescott has been really impressive, and has yet to throw an interception. But going on the road, possibly without Dez Bryant, will mean a bigger concentration on the running game.

My hope is Ryan Fitzpatrick will target his own guys as much as the opposing team this week. But he's got the Seahawks, so I'm not sure it's likely.

Blake Bortles has yet to hit the stride where he's racking up the fantasy points in come-from-behind games. Good matchup against the Colts this week, but I fear the interceptions will make his point totals more middling than anything else.

Image I really enjoyed "Clash of Champions" on the WWE Network. The WWE has shown it can make a compelling PPV with thin rosters. But it's starting to get a little bare in the weekly shows. And I really hate the way they make champions look. Why is Kevin Owens taking loses? He's a competent wrestler. He doesn't need to have Chris Jericho at his side to make sure he gets the win. Owens would be the biggest heel of the decade if he was a (expletive) talker but was also really, really good at wrestling. But I will say, him calling out Seth Rollins for crushing John Cena, Sting and Finn Balor was pretty great. He's still my dude.

I really wanted Duke Johnson to be a thing this year. He showed some signs of life against the Dolphins, but has yet to have his breakout game. Bench, but don't cut him.

The Ravens backfield is such a mess right now; nobody has been able to take the ball. That's why the Kenneth Dixon hype train started to pick up steam this week. I'm going to pencil him in for Week 5. Add him right now.

I can't break the streak for Melvin Gordon holders. Three times in this ledger, three great weeks. The Saints have allowed the most fantasy points to running backs this season.

The Jaguars are averaging just 55 rushing yards per game and 2.8 yards per attempt, both 31st in the NFL (only the Vikings are worse at both). The Colts defense has been as equally as bad.

The Titans have been pretty good against the run this season. Lamar Miller has been a huge disappointment. I'm by no means benching him. But it just sucks seeing his name in the lineup every week. I swear, picking him in the NFL Fantasy League was the worst decision I made and it's going to cost me this year.

The Vikings running backs have split time, and they haven't done much with it when they do get the chance. I wouldn't want to start either guy.

Ryan Mathews is somebody you might want to look to move, if you can. Wendell Smallwood is behind him. I have to believe he becomes the go-to guy at some point this season. Probably of Mathews' own doing.

The Bears are 0-3 in consecutive seasons for the first time since 1997 and 1998. They are 1-8 at home under John Fox, and in danger of losing their seventh-consecutive game to the Lions. Detroit has never defeated the Bears in seven-straight games dating back to the beginning of their rivalry in the 1930s.

I joked about Kyle Shanahan earlier, but I really wasn't joking. This has to be it for Fox. Dump Cutler and his salary. He's owed a $2.5 million roster bonus next year. That has to go. The new NFL model is going to be cheap quarterbacks with money spread around. Rookie quarterbacks are 6-2 this year. It's not going to happen every year. And it will get worse when the Rams start their rookie. But it's the way it works now.

Oh my God, I just had a crazy thought. What if Palmer continued to struggle for the Birds? Could we see a mid-season trade where the Bears dealt Cutler to Arizona for the stretch run? I have no idea if that could even work with the salary cap. But the NFL needs this kind of crazy trade. Maybe it's Bruce Arians who could finally get the most out of Cutler. These are the kind of fantasies Bears fans have started to entertain.

I see Golden Tate has been dropped by a lot of folks. But I thought he played so well when Calvin Johnson was out of the lineup the last two year? Sorry to see the last of the truthers fold.

Be careful if you picked up Quincy Enunwa in recent weeks. He's been heavily involved in the passing game. But the team did add Austin Sefarian-Jenkins. Let's see how this impacts the offense. Of course, if Eric Decker is out, then this point might be moot.

I was really sad to see the Los Angeles Rams went with the St. Louis blue uniforms in Tampa Bay. I guess it's not as egregious to do it on the road. And I hate to be the guy who still harps on this (but not enough to keep me from actually harping on this), but you can't do that at home. Wear your Color Rush uniforms when you have to. (Didn't care for the Dolphins uniforms this week.) Don't wear St. Louis colors in the Coliseum. It's bad form and disrespectful to the Rams fans in Los Angeles.

I would like to echo the sentiments of my esteemed colleague Matt "The Franchise" Franciscovich who made a compelling argument about trading Todd Gurley right now while his value is high. I like that. The Rams benefited from a blown coverage and a few missed-tackles to open up the offense. If the Bucs play even average defense, we're looking at another single-digit performance from Gurley. Now you can easily go, 'points are points,' shrug emoji, and go along with your day. But don't say we didn't warn you.

Rex Ryan called into Julian Edelman's press conference to ask if he was going to play quarterback. That's hilarious. Rex is the kind of guy you root for to win. Kind of like the way I would root for him if he was on "Jeopardy!" I feel he's equally out-matched this week, too.

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