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Monday Nightmare: Odell Beckham Jr. does it again


I went to bed with my eyes locked on that point total. Woke up this morning and continued to look at it. As if my eyes have somehow been deceived. As if somehow I was going to be able to use my Jedi powers to change that .24 outcome into something more favorable to me. But alas, it looks like it's going to stand.

Though it shouldn't have because of that New York Giants kicker who shall not be named here. Nine points. NINE POINTS! That's all we needed. (Don't bother looking it up, he scored eight.)

This one is going to sting for a long time. Losing in my League of Record is always tough (the league now in its 19th season, hence the Yahoo! platform). I've known just about everybody in my league since elementary school. I remember the day my buddy Steve was dropped into my combo-class at Coronita Elementary School in Corona, Calif. A fellow lefty, we bonded quickly. Though this relationship is now going to be frayed because he was able to eliminate me with Michael Floyd and Golden Tate.

Floyd and Tate, you have to be (expletive) me.

A quick look at my roster shows the Thomas Rawls injury of course cost me a little. But it goes back much further than that to draft night. I had the eighth overall pick. And if you know me; that was where I would typically take Antonio Brown if he was available (this is a standard league). But somehow Le'Veon Bell fell to me at that spot. I didn't want to take him there, but I always didn't want Bell to fall to Daver behind me, because he's a pretty shrewd operator. I took Bell, Daver took Brown and I ended up with Julio Jones in the second. So a Bell/Jones combo looked great in Week 3. Not so much in Week 14.

(Side note, my nemesis Brent drafted DeAngelo Williams in like the fifth-round and held him all season. Nice move. But hurts because Brent isn't even from Corona and should have been bounced from the league years ago, though I'm not bitter.)

My point is, if my league mates had done their job and taken Bell before me (I blame Frank who eliminated me last year), I would have drafted Brown, probably not got Julio (Daver has said as much) and probably Odell Beckham Jr. And my team would have been awesome.

But alas, I've been eliminated once again. The coaching rumors about my team in the Corona Football League are now going to start in full force again.

All right, I feel like I've name-dropped just about everybody in my league so enough about me. Congratulations to all of you who advanced. But this is for everybody who took the #MondayNightmare in Week 14. Share, people. You'll feel better if you do.

Take us home, Packer Girl 9!

Probably said the same thing I said about Hakeem Nicks. How did he do? But not even Eli could save every team.

I don't know if it would have mattered, but I hate fractional points.

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