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You hear so much about revenge games in the NFL. But this week's might be the biggest. And of course I'm talking about the Kiko Alonso revenge game! He's going to strike his mighty revenge against the Buffalo Bills for turning their back on him!

All right, maybe not.

It's clearly LeSean McCoy and Chip Kelly. And I'm going to be honest; I'm kind of looking forward to this one. There are times when I'm bothered by the chumminess of NFL players. I'm not sure that I want the complete contempt that we hear about from the NFL in the 1960s and 1970s. But I would at least would like the illusion that players care about winning.

That's close, guys. But I'm serious here. NFL fans pay in the hundreds of dollars just to attend the game. And that's before the cost of parking, a tailgate party and ungodly sums of money they have to pay at the concession stands. Of course, none of this is new but I just wanted to point out that folks pay a (expletive) ton of money just to watch a game. And considering all of the advertising in the park, teams should pay us just to be there. Although, that program might exist in St. Louis.

My point is, it kind of sucks to spend unseemly gobs of money to attend the game, only to have the dudes kind of loaf around after the game hugging each other and hamming it up like they just finished their final exams. At least let me pretend that you care enough to be upset by this.

This is why I really enjoy this McCoy and Kelly rivalry. You can really tell McCoy wants to beat Kelly baaaaad. And if McCoy's teammates like him even a little bit, they probably have some extra motivation this week, too. And you know Kelly can't let McCoy beat him this week, either. It's perfect. It's like real angst that likely drew us to sports in the first place.

It's very reminiscent of the Al Davis and Marcus Allen rivalry of the 1990s. Davis had a grudge against Allen (the rumors of which are out of control) and nearly ruined his career. Allen took his talents to the Raiders blood-rival and had some of his best games of his career against his former team. I know it's probably just me romanticizing the past, but it seemed like the Raiders and Chiefs played six times a year back in the mid-1990s, all of those games on Monday Night Football. (Google that, kids. There was a time when Monday Night Football was actually a thing you look forward to. Not the, "Oh crap, I hope I don't lose my fantasy matchup" nightmare it has evolved into now.) I kind of wish this was the game NBC flexed into Sunday night.

All right, let's get to the fantasy. But not before we give some daps to stats maven Careen Falcone who drops a lot of the knowledge you enjoy here today. And The Franchise who does a great job wading through all of this stuff for you to make it somewhat presentable.

And without further ado ...

Matt Ryan is not only a must-sit, he has no business being on your roster. I have no reason why he doesn't receive more scrutiny. Seriously, if some mother wanted to write a letter about an offensive quarterback, it should be about Matt Ryan.

The Falcons are 6-6 after a 5-0 start this season. Sixty-six of the 72 teams to start 5-0 since the 1970 merger went on to reach the playoffs. The Falcons will not.

Fun fact about the Cowboys: The team hasn't had a cornerback intercept a pass since Orlando Scandrick did it back in Week 14, 2014.

Not only is Philip Rivers behind a patchwork offensive line, something seems off about him. I'd avoid him at all costs for the coming weeks.

I like Marcus Mariota in daily leagues much more than I would like him in traditional fantasy leagues.

Derek Carr is a star in the making. But I wouldn't play him this week against the Broncos who have allowed the fewest fantasy points to quarterbacks.

I'm in a league where I have Drew Brees. I'm so thankful I have a bye this week. I really don't think I would be able to play him.

Image I'm not sure when Kobe Bryant and the Lakers come to Denver (stop it), but somebody needs to show Peyton Manning some "highlights" of the Mamba. And then you hope he gets the lesson of what he's seeing. Kobe is murdering the Lakers right now. But the only thing he's really hurting is the team's future. Peyton is putting a Broncos Super Bowl appearance in jeopardy by trying to play again. How selfish.

The Steelers have allowed the second-fewest fantasy points to running backs this season. Gio Bernard and Jeremy Hill belong on your bench this week.

Can Eddie Lacy at least have the common decency to let us know if he's going to be out all night partying again? It's only fair.

I'm not sure if you heard the story of McDonald's giving Mike Zimmer 100 cheeseburgers because the restaurant messed up his order. But Lacy demanded a trade to the Vikings.

LeGarrette Blount seems like the odd man out for the Patriots again this week. James White is a much better lineup fit for this matchup.

Buck Allen has a bad matchup. I'm almost tempted to play him because the Seahawks are due for a letdown soon, but that's an extreme position.

Oh man, where have you gone Latavius Murray? The biggest disappointment in fantasy is when a guy scores a touchdown, but has less than 10 overall points.

Image Did anybody notice Kim Kardashian named her newborn Saint? It's interesting because wasn't Kim with Reggie Bush when he won a Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints? That's big of Kayne West to be down with that. I'm not sure I would be so cool with it. (And yes, if you saw that joke on "The Weekender" congratulations. Well, congratulations to us for getting the joke past the censors. But also to you who saw it. Because the only person I know who watches "The Weekder and reads this is one of our staffers. Hi Dylan!)

Demaryius Thomas has fewer than 80 receiving yards in each of his last five games. His longest streak since Tim Tebow was his quarterback.

That being said, I don't know how you sit DT in traditional leagues. But I wouldn't even give him a glance in daily fantasy leagues with all that value out there.

I don't mean to pile on the Raiders. Oh wait, that's exactly what I want to do. But Amari Cooper has had more than eight points once in his last four.

Plus the Broncos have allowed the fewest fantasy points to wide receivers this year. In fact, the Broncos haven't allowed a touchdown to a No. 1 receiver this year.

It's funny how everybody is flipping out about the Panthers and Josh Norman. But the Falcons pass D is legit, too. Though Carolina doesn't have a receiver to be worried about.

The Bears defense has been really good, except for the occasional long bomb in overtime. But that's more on Robbie Gould and not the defense. Bench DeSean Jackson.

I'd have problems with T.Y. Hilton this week. He's not great on the road, and the Jags passing D against receivers are pretty legit.

Randall Cobb has done nothing to show me he's a No. 1 starter who needs to be started. I guess you go with him in traditional, but he's a must-avoid in daily.

Image I was so excited for the Wyatt Family to turn face when they walked in on the League of Nations. The whole crowd went ape (expletive) for it. And then two other teams walked in and pretty much ruined all of the momentum for the moment. And then the Wyatts were the first team eliminated. Even before the nostalgia ECW team was eliminated. I love ECW, but that was ridiculous. I was so ready for a Wyatt face run. So ready.

Are there any tight ends you really can't afford to start right now? I mean, look at some of the curtain-jerkers many of us are forced to play. I mean, Gary Barnidge has battled injuries and has a tough matchup. But can you really sit him? I mean really?

Image I've debated if I should already get my outrage ready for the Heisman Trophy snub of Christian McCaffrey. I know it's hard to overlook a dude who broke the records of Herschel "Freaking" Walker, but McCaffrey is the best college football player this year. You really don't have much of an intellectual argument against him. I know some might point out Stanford's loss to Northwestern. But that was on September 5. The fact he overcame that game makes him even more impressive.

Image This reminds me of when Jake Plummer was snubbed for the Heisman Trophy in 1996. There might not have been a better college football quarterback than Jake Plummer. I'm serious. If you ever get a chance, go back and watch his games. Dude was straight up amazing. And his pro career was much better than people give him credit for.

Image Not a fan of Antonio Brown being fined for his awesome end zone celebrations. Countless replays show he was penalized enough.

Image Why are there so many games jammed into the 10 a.m. slot on Sunday morning out here on the West Coast? Brutal. And how is it possible all of my guys play in the 10 a.m. games, while my opponent has all of his guys going in the 1 p.m. games along with Sunday and Monday night?

For the record, you can submit your fantasy questions to NFL Fantasy Live or me on Twitter. But realize, NFL Fantasy Live has 300K followers. Me? Just 14. See, the odds are better I will answer your question, so hit me up both via Twitter or via Facebook (if you're RG3). And if you follow me on Sundays, I'll quote "The Wolf" from "Pulp Fiction" and then it's game on! Although, it's tough to catch me on Facebook. Twitter is your go-to." Plus seriously people, I'm not taking your tweets after Midnight. I'm into the #HashtagWars via @Midnight. I've started to mute people who ask me questions at that time.