Like/Dislike: All about the Broncos in Week 13


What we are talking about:

  • Brock Osweiler vs Peyton Manning

    Is it even a decision at this point?

  • C.J. Anderson

    THE Broncos RB to roll with.

  • Demaryius Thomas

    Yes ... all of the Broncos this week.

What's up everybody? I know I typically like to drop about 900 words on you before I get into the likes and dislikes for the week. For all I know you might even skip that part of the column and head down to see if I've mentioned some of the guys you have on your fantasy team.

Not that I would blame you. Mostly this space is reserved for sticking up for Jay Cutler or taking down Peyton Manning. For instance, last week I said the Broncos would be in a rather unenviable position if Brock Osweiler won against the Patriots. Because it would rather awkward if Peyton wanted to come back when Osweiler is playing so well.

But that's where we are. There were reports the Broncos were going to stick with Osweiler even when Manning returned. Manning of course, rebuffed that notion.

This is interesting for a number of reasons. For starters, why would Manning want to come back? He's got to be smart enough to see Osweiler is a much better quarterback at this point of their careers. How shameless is that he would even take the starter's gig if it was offered to him. Doesn't he want to at least attempt to back-door his way into another Super Bowl title.

And it makes me wonder, why are these teams so enthralled with their starting quarterbacks? The Cowboys didn't put Tony Romo on IR because they want him available if the team makes a deep playoff run.

Think about that for a moment.

The Cowboys could go on an eight-game winning streak with Matt Cassel to reach the Super Bowl and the team would be cool to switch back to the Clavicle Man. That's some organization they are running down in Dallas.

The Cowboys under direction of Jimmy Johnson kept Troy Aikman on the bench for a playoff run because Steve Beuerlein led the team on a playoff run, which included a win at Soldier Field.

You also might remember the story of Tom Brady. Not that he remained the starter during the regular season for the Patriots in 2001. But remember, he got hurt in the 2001 AFC Championship Game, was replaced effectively by Drew Bledsoe and Bill Belichick still went with him in the Super Bowl. So sometimes you need to just go with the hot hand when you get that far.

And doggone it, I was going to cut this short to give my man, The Franchise a break because he does an excellent job with editing this piece. Props to Matt Harmon, too. Follow both of those kids on Twitter. Give some love to our hard-working research maven Careen as well. This is a great team effort.

So I'll cut this short. Wish you well in your games this week. It's playoff time.

A big hand to stats maven Careen Falcone for dropping the knowledge.

And without further ado ...

I'm going to bench Drew Brees this week. He threw seven touchdowns the last time I benched him. So you're welcome.

I know a lot of folks have pointed out Brees is at home. And well, I can't dispute that. But the dude hasn't looked the same in recent weeks. He was bad against the Bucs and Falcons at home earlier this year. Significant because they are fellow NFC South teams.

Jameis Winston should be on your bench this week. He's got the Saints next week, so don't drop him. But the matchup against the Falcons this week isn't great.

But dude, Matt Ryan? What's his deal? I told you from the very beginning. He's the guy who looks good at the end of the season, but kills you week-to-week.

Blaine Gabbert has looked pretty good as of late. But I can't imagine Vic Fangio is going to let him get loose against the Bears.

Tyrod Taylor is back! Or at least for a half when he threw it exclusively to Sammy Watkins. I don't like his matchup this week, though.

Derek Carr is going to have his good weeks. He's going to have his bad weeks. I'm not super pumped for him to go against the Chiefs, who are straight rolling.

Philip Rivers against Denver, a motivated Denver team, is somebody to avoid in most circles.

The toughest decision this week might be Ryan Tannehill. His quarterbacks coach was just promoted to offensive coordinator. I'd start him over any of the guys previously mentioned (and the guy who will be named after this).

Sam Badford. Mark Sanchez. It really doesn't matter. I wouldn't want any Eagles quarterback up against the Patriots this week. Maybe Randall Cunningham.

Chip Kelly has not lost four consecutive games in his NFL career. I just wanted to be able to type that while I still had a chance.

Speaking of the Eagles and such; I did a Draft Champions draft on Madden recently. I landed the legend Cunningham. It was so awesome. You tend to forget just how great Cunningham was during the early part of his NFL career. Though as I type that I realize none of you were alive when Cunningham played for the Eagles.

If I'm going to bench Brees, I'm going to need to sit Jonathan Stewart this week, too. Although the Daily Show has been a pretty nice surprise this year.

I'm done on Frank Gore this week against the Steelers. The Colts' 80-year-old quarterback could throw for 501, but nobody is running on that team.

I almost felt it was personal last week as the Steelers committed to stopping Tommy Rawls late into the game even though Wilson threw a touchdown on seemingly every pass.

The Ravens defense has actually been pretty great against the run recently. So I'm going to take a pass on Lamar Miller this week.

Congratulations on getting David Johnson on the waiver wire this week. But it would be tough for me to start him at St. Louis.

I didn't like Latavius Murray in the preseason. Then he made me regret those words. Now I feel vindicated! I wouldn't trust him this week, either.

Image I should be nice to Latty since he could be my neighbor next year. The NFL to LA has been botched worse than the WWE and WCW merger. Both seemed too easy to fail, yet it has happened. I've written this before, but since I really like to repeat myself, I will say this again; I will never support an LA team a.) if it's the Chargers. The team belongs to San Diego. B.) if it's the Raiders. Because I have taste. And 3.) if it doesn't happen next year. Because I have NFL to LA fatigue and I don't think I will ever recover.

Amari Cooper has dropped an NFL-high eight passes this year. His drop percentage isn't too bad. But still, that's a lot of drops.

Mike Evans also has eight drops this year, too. His drop percentage is even lower. But is it my imagination or do his drops only occur in the end zone?

You want to know who has an awful drop percentage? Jeremy Langford. He already has five drops on the season (18.5 percent). That one brutal drop against the Vikings, though. That might end up as a season-killer.

I would start Cooper, Evans and Larry Fitzgerald in traditional fantasy leagues. But I would avoid all three superstars in daily fantasy leagues this week.

I would put Dez Bryant in that category, too. Play him in traditional leagues and hope Matt Cassel can get him the ball. Which he did. Against the Giants. But still, he did get him the ball once.

Image Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox for their acquisition of David Price. You spent all of that money on a pitcher, which is always a sound investment. But at least you got a guy who has at times struggled during the regular season but is absolutely dominant during the postseason. Or am I getting that backwards?

Image Sorry, that seemed mean to say about Boston. I'm sure Price will go on to be beloved like other big-time Red Sox acquisitions like Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez.

Image Since we're on the subject of baseball, now would be a good time to remind a lot of Dodgers fans they once thought Yasiel Puig was on the same level as Mike Trout.

If you are going to go to the waiver wire and think of adding Jacob Tamme for this week, I'm going to ask you not to do that.

There are replacements coming to Green Bay, so I'm off the Richard Rodgers bandwagon. Which means he'll get eight touchdowns this week.

Image How is Luke Walton not getting credit for the 22 wins the Warriors have amassed so far this season? That's just crazy talk. But what do the Warriors need to win for it to be compared to the Patriots perfect 16-0 season in 2007?

Image Jim Jefferies is one of my favorite comics. This, to me, might be the best standup bit of all-time. And pretty appropriate for the current times. It's totally worth checking out right now. This should be a reminder to anybody who wants to get political on social media; if you're not as funny as Jim Jefferies is right here, keep your opinion to yourself.

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