Make the Right Call  


Dalton or Bortles? Week 13's toughest fantasy calls


The fantasy regular season is nearly over. That means all of your roster decisions now come with significantly more gravitas. Every choice you make from here on out comes with a lot more consequences. That means it's important that you make the right call. In that case, it's good that you're here for Make the Right Call. What a coincidence, eh?

Should I start Javorius Allen or Thomas Rawls?

Every game, all season

Both of these rookie running backs have taken over for injured starters in their respective offenses and both have done good work in relief roles. If you were to go strictly by the matchups this week, the edge would go to Buck Allen. But there's no denying that Thomas Rawls looks like the better running back on the field. Last weeks' 14-point performance against a pretty tough Steelers defense should give an extra boost of confidence about putting him in your lineup this week. It also helps that Rawls' offense has been much more consistent than Allen's. I'd give the Seahawks running back the start this week.

Who should I add: Ronnie Hillman or C.J. Anderson?

Gary Kubiak is proving that he's no fan of your fantasy team by saying this week that Ronnie Hillman would remain the team's starting running back, even though he was outplayed by C.J. Anderson last week. Even still, Anderson is the more complete back and is a bigger threat as a pass-catcher. That's enough to earn him extra snaps over the course of the game. All you're looking for is opportunity and the player with the ability to make the most of it. That would be Anderson. He's the player you should add to your roster this week.

Who should I drop: Matt Ryan, Matthew Stafford or Jay Cutler?

There's no doubt that you should part ways with Matt Ryan. Even at his best this season, he's been a fairly mediocre fantasy quarterback. In the past couple of games he's been an interception machine, throwing five picks. To make matters worse, his schedule is pretty unfavorable down the stretch with two games against the Panthers looming. In the meantime, Matthew Stafford has started to catch fire while Jay Cutler remains fairly consistent. I'd feel much better with either of those quarterbacks over Matt Ryan.

Who should I start: Scott Chandler or Delanie Walker?

When will the tight end position cease to vex us? The short answer is ... not soon. That's why you're faced with the hardest choices your lineup generally had. This isn't a news flash, but Scott Chandler isn't going to fully replace the void Rob Gronkowski is leaving in your heart (and lineup) this week. However he will get some work in the Patriots retooled passing game. The difference is that while Chandler is just a part of what New England does, Delanie Walker is the focus of Tennessee's passing game. Walker is also a more talented player with a much better matchup. That's all I need to know. Start Walker this week.

Who should I start: Andy Dalton or Blake Bortles?

I'm not big on Andy Dalton for the fantasy playoffs, but that doesn't mean he can't help you get there. This is one of the best matchups you could imagine for the Red Rifle going against a Browns secondary that didn't have the greatest day against the mighty Matt Schaub. Blake Bortles could also have a pretty big day against the Titans, but his propensity to turn the ball over (13 interceptions) will make it an uphill battle. Get the most out of Dalton this week while you still can.

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