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Monday Nightmare: How it feels to be a Browns fan


Well, that happened. This was going to be the column where I complained about how Julio Jones and DeAndre Hopkins disappeared despite being the best in the business and having great matchups. Well, I guess the Vikings weren't that great of a matchup for Julio, but what the (expletive) DeAndre? That was kind of awful.

But seriously, none of that really matters now after the Browns lost the way they did on Monday night. I think it goes underreported how miserable life is for Browns fans and the Ravens are their worst nightmare.

Not to take a page from Dameshek, but the Browns were coached by Bill Belichick in 1995 before the team moved to Baltimore. Imagine the Ravens-level of talent (thanks to Ozzie Newsome) from 1997 to now with Belichick running the team. Imagine the Ravens defense of the 2000s with Tom Brady at quarterback. So it is safe to say if there is one team the Browns didn't want to lose to in this fashion, it had to be the Ravens. I'd say even more so than the Steelers.

So while I typically go through your heartbreak, let's take a look at some tweets about the Browns.

Actually, go through the mentions on that tweet. It's pretty amazing.

Luke Jones called it!

Gratuitous, but still awesome.

All right, let's take a look at some of your tweets.

All right, somebody liked that game. Hilarious. But the fantasy gods give.

And they take away.

Take us home, Packer Girl 9.

Eight teams!

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