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Monday Nightmare: Needing more from Amendola


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I know some experts bristle at the thought of luck being a part of fantasy football. But there is no denying there are times when you need to have luck on your side. That happened for me on Sunday.

At some point on Sunday as I cursed John Fox for not going for the field goal with 12 minutes left in the game and down by seven. (And really, we have Jay Clutchler at quarterback; did you really not believe in him? You knew he would get us a touchdown in the final minute. You just knew it.) Fantasy winds were changing.

Marshawn Lynch was a late, surprise inactive. Though with Lynch, we should have known better. But I was so wrapped up in the Bears game, I kind of missed the inactive announcement. Thankfully, Packer Girl 9 (her official nickname) hit me with the above tweet. It was 1:10 pm local time. I had Thomas Rawls on my bench, with Karlos Williams slated in my RB2 spot (I lost Le'Veon Bell earlier this year). I made the executive decision to put Rawls in my lineup. I liked the matchup and he's an RB1. The fact I debated it for a moment is kind of embarrassing.

And truth be told, I nearly dropped Rawls during the week. My opponent for the week and my ultimate nemesis in my League of Record (the league you care about the most in life) had Joe Flacco as his starting quarterback. So I cleared my bench of a lot of my curtain jerkers to add QBs like Tony Romo and Jameis Winston to block him from getting them. I almost dropped Rawls to grab some QB, but thought to myself, this guy could actually pay dividends at some point. And it's rare that I do the right thing, but I did in this instance.

So I really don't have a Monday Nightmare to share. I won my League of Record. And instead of humble bragging about a solid week for me, I'm here for you folks. It's time to see your tales of woe. Get it out. You'll feel much better when you share.

Sorry, I didn't spend too much time on the inadvertent whistle. Mostly because Danny Amendola would not have scored a touchdown. He would have been caught from behind from the dude covering him, because he let up at the whistle. Plus, there were more guys out in front of him. So just stop, people.

All right, that might have cost you. Because of that extra 1.5 points for Amendola. A few extra points for Brady. Fine, but you're the only one.

His last act before his phone died was to send in this screen grab. I'm so honored.

Sixty points? I'm not saying you deserve to lose, because there are times when you score 119 and lose. But you kind of deserve to lose.

You opened the column, but take us home Packer Girl 9.

Remember, you can hit me up with your Monday Nightmare on Twitter @adamrank. If your tweet doesn't make it, I'm sorry that I missed it. Or more likely, you need to change the dirty words in your team name. (And yes, I know how to use the urban dictionary.)