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Monday Nightmare: A win slipping through your hands


Show of hands here, who got really worried when Ka'Deem Carey ran the football early on Monday night? It's like your worst feeling as a fantasy analyst. Forget your own fantasy team, I was super morose for those folks who I advised to start Langford this week.

Fantasy Perfect Challenge

And that was before Jay Cutler's pick six interception.

But then things worked out well in the end. Jeremy Langford was the beast we all thought he was going to be. (And seriously, how cool is it for Bears fans to have a running back of the future. Matt Forte might be my favorite Bears player ever. And I really hope he sticks with the team. But sometimes you need to be realistic and can read the writing on the wall. Seems like Langford is going to be the guy next year. So maybe it's not that cool now that I've committed this to words.)

But Langford was the man. Jay Cutler had a great game. The Bears won. I breezed in my League of Record (the league I care about the most) because Cutler and Danny Woodhead were awesome. The only downside was that I lost in the NFL Fantasy Live league to James Koh. I needed a ton of points from Langford, Alshon Jeffery and Robbie Gould. I was one of those missed Gould field goals away from winning. (Though, I place most of the blame on Doug Martin and Jeremy Hill. Jerks.)

So I'm not going to be super bitter here right now. I will allow you fine people to take that on. So here it is. Your fantasy therapy session. Let it all out. You'll feel better when you share.

Let's stop the contest. This might be the worst right here. Overtime would have been super rad for this guy. Actually, I might have broke through, too. But I don't care.

Seriously, though. My fault.

Keep the faith with the Sonics!

I forget, some people wanted Carey in there.

Thank you for scratching out the dirty names. You get me! (And Franchise who has to edit this.)

Take us home, Packer Girl!

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