Like/Dislike: What could have been with Kaepernick


What we are talking about:

  • Colin Kaepernick

    They tried turning him into something he's not.

  • Doug Martin

    His consistent production plus a great matchup means good things

  • Eddie Lacy

    Has he be become a TD-dependent fantasy RB?


Although, the joke is really on the 49ers. You were in the Super Bowl just a few years ago with this guy. (At least I think so. The Super Bowl that year was held in New Orleans and, well, some nights might have gotten a little fuzzy after a few nights on the town.)

But the 49ers had a good quarterback. A great coach who was able to get the most out of that quarterback. And yet they went and threw it all away because the team was so committed to GM Trent Baalke.

How is that working out for you?

Baalke is going to be blown out at the end of the season (or the 49ers better hope) and the team will once again be left in shambles. Remember, there hasn't been a lot of success outside of the Jim Harbaugh era in San Francisco for a long, long time.

And I know people want to take their shots at Colin, but it isn't his fault. Too often, we try to make quarterbacks into something they are not. Remember this offseason, Colin worked out with Kurt Warner.

Kurt Warner!

I love Kurt a lot. You know my feelings on the St. Louis FC, but Kurt is one of my favorite players of all-time. So there is a lot of love here when I say this. But what the (expletive) were they doing having Kurt tutor Colin? I'm not sure if you're aware, but Colin is one of the most athletic quarterbacks in NFL history. He's so jacked, he could easily jump into the WWE.

Warner is none of those things.

I love Kurt, but he's not going to be asked to pose for the ESPN Body Issue, well, ever.

Fantasy Perfect Challenge

Why do you want Colin to learn to play quarterback like that? He's not ever going to be a drop-back passer. This would be akin to hiring Shaq as your free-throw coach. Or having Nickelback give you music lessons. Or taking fantasy advice from Akbar.

You just can't do these things and expect good results.

My only wish is that Kaepernick gets released in the offseason and goes to a nice situation where he can sit back and learn how to play the position. Watch, he'll end up getting picked up by the Steelers in the offseason. Where he'll sit on the bench for a few years and then end up having a nice little run.

A big hand to stats maven Careen Falcone for dropping the knowledge.

And without further ado ...

The Broncos made Aaron Rodgers looks silly on Sunday night. Andrew Luck will suffer a similar fate. There will be no amount of garbage time to remedy that.

But hey, Luck is healthy! I guess it doesn't matter who the QB of the Colts is, those undisclosed injuries would always be a handy excuse.

Teddy Bridgewater didn't do much against the Bears last week. Diggs made the big play for him. And the matchup this week is way too tough, so bench him.

I don't want to overact because the Dolphins were exposed by the Patriots. But I'm not ready to get back into the Ryan Tannehill business just yet.

Blake Bortles has been a huge boon for fantasy enthusiasts this year. But I can't play him this week against the Jets. I can't do it with the Jaguars on the road.

But what about what the Raiders did last week to the Jets? Remember, the Jets were cross-country on the road. That matters.

Image Congratulations to Matt Leinart who needed just 140 characters to remind me I don't give a (expletive) what he has to say. I mean; I can appreciate holding a grudge. I'm Irish, after all. But his anger at Ken Whisenhunt seems misplaced. Especially since the decision to start Kurt Warner was his best as a coach.

Image Tom Brady told reporters a perfect season was the furthest thing from his mind. The furthest? I'm sorry; Brooks telling Andy Cohen that he really did have cancer during the "Real Housewives of Orange County" reunion was way more believable.

Latty Murray was able to get over on the Jets. But again, the Jets were on the road. So I want to play T.J. Yeldon, but I'm going to have to wait for a week.

Ronnie Hillman has done admirably for the Broncos so far this season, but I'm just not sure he's going to be the guy you are going to want to start in the coming weeks.

Eddie Lacy scraped 10 points against the Broncos D last week. But he almost seems like a touchdown-dependent back. I'd rather start Jeremy Hill over him.

Melvin Gordon is going to get his chances against the Bears this week. But every time I see Gordon with the ball, I'm like, quit trying to make Melvin happen.

I'm not playing Christine Michael this week. But think about it. The Cowboys are going to run Darren McFadden into the ground and not care about the future. But if something happens to McFadden, Michael is going to be the guy.

I'm willing to admit I was wrong on Ameer Abdullah. At least so far (I believe!). I'm just really excited I never fell for the Joseph Randle (stuff). He never looked like the best back. Ever.

Image J.J. Watt was hilarious when he acted like he was going to go into the Rockets game. You can check that out here. I hate to deny anybody its fun. But yeah, this stuff comes off better when your team is winning.

Allen Robinson figures to get the ticket to Revis Island this week. Allen Hurns could be the guy, but I figure Robinson will be the guy they want to stop this week.

If you had T.Y. Hilton on the bench last week, well, keep him there. The film on Hilton isn't very strong. He tries to make way too many basket catches. He's also been in a walking boot all week.

Randall Cobb has a reservation for the Josh Norman Bates Motel. There is no turn-down service, so turn down a chance to start him. (I'll show myself the door.)

I've also heard Lake Norman as the nickname the locals call him. Either way, he's a lockup artist and you need to avoid No. 1 receivers. In fact, you should be worried that Julio Jones has two matchups with him in the fantasy playoffs.

Maybe you should stop throwing the ball to Ted Ginn. I hope he gave Graham Gano all of the money that he had in his wallet on Monday night. Maybe bought him pizza, too.

Image The Los Angeles Lakers might be the most enjoyable team to watch in the NBA right now if they had kept Mike D'Antoni. And maybe got rid of Kobe Bryant. I don't want to be the guy who complains about his team when another team in our region has been championship caliber (Los Angeles Kings), but this is depressing. Thanks for vetoing that Chris Paul deal.

I feel terrible that I have to list all of the Jaguars offensive starters here. But Julius Thomas is a borderline TE1 this week. Jets.

Jason Witten is very admirable, but I can't trust him anymore. He looks like he's in such pain. Well, not as much pain as I'm in watching Matt Cassel, but close.

Image I promise myself each year that I'm not going to get bent out of shape over the BCS, now College Football Playoff ranks. But seriously, I'm sick of the notion two SEC teams always have to be involved. And seriously, two one-loss teams ahead of TCU? Sickening. But as always, this will work itself out in the end. The winner of Baylor/TCU has to get in. It must!

Image Seriously, though. Four sixteen-team conferences with a championship game for each league would solve this problem forever. Why must they ignore such simple solutions?

Image The trade deadline is one of the biggest bummers in the NFL calendar. But you have to realize fortunes change way too fast in the NFL for teams to make wholesale changes. Take the Bears, for instance. They look bad now, but the Bears will be in the playoffs next year. Jacksonville is very close to competing. The Browns ... well, the Browns aren't close. But most NFL teams are (which is why there are surprise teams every year), so we won't see a bunch of fire sales.

Image Bills coach Rex Ryan said that he would fight any NFL coach, but he wants no part of Dan "The Animal" Campbell. Oh sure, you're cool with trying to take the rings for a 60-year old man, but when somebody like Campbell comes into the league, you're a pacifist. Where's the fighting spirit your dad had?

Image BTW, John Cena. If anybody calls you during the next couple of weeks, don't pick up the phone. You need your time off. Don't be in a rush to get back any time soon. Or ever, really.

How embarrassing is it for Peyton Manning that the Broncos basically have to put a Pro Bowl roster around him to mask his deficiencies? He's still going to need to win at least two playoff games outside in the snow. I don't think it's possible. Shoot, his best hope would be for the Colts to get home-field advantage and he gets to play indoors against them in the AFC Championship Game. But I figure the Broncos will try to win this week. How short-sighted.

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