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Monday Nightmare: Dealing with Andrew Luck


I don't know how you folks who have Andrew Luck in your starting lineup do it. He is easily the most singularly frustrating player in all of fantasy football right now. But it's probably a large swath of you that started him.

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Although now that I type the word large, the name of Eddie Lacy pops into my mind.

But here's my deal with Luck. You can kind of rationalize away a running back. That position is so shaky. It's not a huge surprise when one of these guys fall off the fantasy cliff. (And it's the reason why you shouldn't take a running back in the first round. Come on people, you should learn that by now. Look at the first-round running backs this season. Lacy, Le'Veon Bell, Jamaal Charles, Marshawn Lynch, C.J. Anderson, Jeremy Hill maybe, and Matt Forte.)

But when you drafted Luck in standard leagues, you expected at least 20 fantasy points each and every week (in leagues where you get six points for passing touchdowns). You might be getting that right now at times, but it is in excruciating circumstances.

In fact, I had the following text conversation with my buddy Craig last night:

Craig: "You had one job! Get me 200 yards and two touchdowns and you can't even do that!"

Me: "Dude, garbage time is coming!"

Craig: "This guy is garbage. I'm trading him for a flex guy."

Me: "No you're not."

Craig: "I'll trade him for your kicker."

Of course, an hour later (before the deal could be consummated) I got this text:

Craig: "Cancel the trade. I love Andy."

So there it is. Craig was fortunate. He won his matchup in our Chi-town Showdown league. Others of you might not have been so lucky. Right now, I invite you all to share your tales of woe. Consider this one big therapy couch. Make yourself comfortable and share. You'll feel better when you do.

Normally, we don't like braggers, but the avatar though.

And finally ... Take us home, Packer Girl!

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