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Monday Nightmare: Could have used more Palmer


I had Carson Palmer working a number of ways on Monday night. Most importantly, I had him and John Brown going in my League of Record against my good friend Doug D. out in Corona, Calif.

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I needed a little bit of a miracle, but not too much of one. After the duo combined for 35.8 points, my team came up short by just two points (we use six points per touchdown pass). Part of the reason for the loss was that he had Philip Rivers to my Danny Woodhead so those final two touchdowns were a break-even proposition. Until you realize Rivers threw a pair of two-point conversions that cost me the week.

Although a minor shout-out should go to Bruce Arians who refused to call a timeout at the end of the first half. I mean, did you not think Palmer could drive your team into at least field-goal range within in the final 40-ish seconds? That could have cost you the game. What happened to the Arians who ran up the score early this season? I miss that guy.

So I spent the better part of Monday night with my eye on the game total as I hoped for a miraculous stat correction or something which isn't coming. I was so close.

But it turns out, I was miles away from a win when compared to some of you. I will ask you to go back and look at the score above. That poor kid lost because of Palmer's kneel down. Brutal. (You can, of course, remedy this situation if you eliminate the fractional points. Which is what I do in the leagues I set up.)

All right, how about the rest of you? Who has a tale of woe? You should share your pain. You'll feel better when you do. Take a seat on the fantasy therapy couch.

We will allow this one!

Take us home, Packer Girl (but start using the right hashtag again, please).

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