Make the Right Call  


Make the Right Call: J.J. Watt is the IDP king


IDP (Individual Defensive Player) fantasy leagues are more of a niche community, but they have a devoted, vocal fan base. They add another element to your draft and weekly lineup, as you have to also start (usually) a defensive lineman, linebacker, defensive back and potentially a flex as well. Typically, linebackers go the earliest, as they're tackling machines and rack up fantasy points on a consistent basis. But as Michael Fabiano mentions in the video above, when it comes time for you to "Make the Right Call" on draft day, there's one name to choose first:

J.J. Watt.

Defensive lineman by nature aren't as strong in IDP leagues, because it's tougher for them to rack up points with limited tackle numbers and unpredictable sacks. Watt, however, is not a normal lineman. He's the only player in NFL history to post multiple 20-plus sack seasons since the stat was first recorded, and since 2011 he's outscored the next highest DL by an average of 43 fantasy points (not countring Robert Quinn's 2013 season). His dominance over his position group is further extended by his occasional role on the offense. Offensive touchdowns still count for defensive players, giving Watt an unprecedented edge at not only his position, but among all individual defensive players. Last year, he outscored the next highest player (Panthers LB Luke Kuechly) by 23.90 points.

So if you're in an IDP league for the first time, or just looking to get an edge this year, don't hesitate to reach for Watt. He was ranked the No. 1 player in the NFL for 2015 by his peers for a reason, after all.

-- Alex Gelhar is a fantasy football writer/editor for Follow him on Twitter @AlexGelhar.