Cody Latimer could have a mile high fantasy ceiling


Colts safety Mike Adams made his rounds at the NFL Network studios this week and he openly complained that his team didn't get enough credit for shutting down Peyton Manning during last year's playoffs.

Obviously, this generation of NFL superstars doesn't have a taste for history. Because anybody who has followed the NFL during Manning's career knows damn well that Peyton's playoff pratfalls are not something that gets discussed around here. It's been a few years since I've been in j-school, but I have to imagine most aspiring intrepid sports reporters are taught two things: a.) Find another profession because we're all about to be replaced with social media, and b.) You never talk about Peyton's playoff pratfalls.

It's almost like the NFL version of "Fight Club" which is likely a reference just 10 percent of you will get. The movie came out in 1999, right about the cutoff for most millennials. (Check it out, though. It's a pretty fantastic movie. I'm sure it's an automatic stream for the majority of you.)

The point here, however, is not to once again report the facts about Manning. But rather report on how one of his young receivers is a budding star in this league. Of course, I'm talking about Cody Latimer. A guy I was quite fond of at Indiana. And a guy I thought was going to push for some huge snaps in 2014. Obviously that didn't happen. But the Broncos have thought enough of him during the offseason to allow Wes Welker to walk away. The team has even said Manny Sanders will be the slot receiver with Demaryius Thomas on the other side of him.

All of that sounds wonderful. The only downfall being coach Gary Kubiak knows he has to keep Manning on a pitch count this year. Plus if you look at his time in Houston, Kubiak preferred to run a bunch of two-receiver sets. You have to figure Sanders will slip to the outside during those formations, which would negate all of this hype around Latimer.

Or would it?

There are still some reasons why Latimer could end up as a late-round steal for you in fantasy drafts this season. For starters, Kubiak did prefer two-receiver sets during his time in Houston. But he didn't have a lot of options. At quarterback or receiver. Having a quarterback like Manning, even at this late stage of his career, is going to convince even the most stubborn of coaches to change his ways a little bit. If the Broncos are going to invest the time to have Sanders work in the slot, it's obvious they are going to use that formation. Even the threat of Manning throwing the ball is still going to be a focal point of this offense.

And last year it looked like Manning had slowed a little bit toward the end of the season as C.J. Anderson was featured heavily. But Manning still threw the ball 127 times in the last three games, including that playoff loss to the Colts that Adams can't stop talking about. Two of those games were losses. (In typical Manning flair, he threw the ball 37 times in a blowout win over the Raiders ... because Manning.) This is significant because the Broncos could be much worse on defense this season. Which means the Broncos could be forced into a position where they throw the ball a ton.

Plus, Manning is going to be hyper to throw the ball a ton at the beginning of the season anyway. There have been whispers this offseason he doesn't have it any more. He watched his chief rival Tom Brady take the crown of best quarterback of this generation with a fourth Super Bowl title. You don't think Manning is going to be a little motivated to prove everybody wrong?

Let me bottom-line this for you. If you look at some of the receivers who are ranked around WR40 and beyond, you see names like Steve Smith Sr. and Michael Floyd. Fine receivers in the classical sense. But at that point, I would rather take a chance on a guy like Latimer because he has the potential to be huge. Of course there is a risk he could flame out. Manning could value team football for this first time in his career and hand it off 40 times a game. But there is just an equal chance Manning comes out firing and throws it 500 times again this season. (Expletive), that might be the most-likely scenario.

So I'm going to keep Latimer on my list headed into the season.

Sleeper TV Show


The Last Man on Earth has been one of the best new shows of the season, and I hope you are watching. My fraternity bro Will Forte has been fantastic all season long as the irredeemable Phil who is the last man on Earth. I understand that Phil wanted to stay home after all hope was lost. But Tucson? Not a knock against the city. It's beautiful. But it's the desert. And when the people in charge of bringing you things, like water, are no longer around, well, I'm not sure how that can work. So if you had to pick one place to live as the last person on Earth, where would it be? I'd think San Diego because the weather is amazing. It's near the water. There's a Navy base nearby to explore and you have to think there would be some cool stuff left behind. So that is where I'm going to go with my final answer.

Sleeper trade possibility


The Philip Rivers to the Titans train has heated up in recent days. Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union Tribune opined that a deal for Rivers to Tennessee needed to happen. And you know what? I wouldn't mind it so much. Like Rivers, I have no use for the Chargers if the team moves to Los Angeles. But if I was going to fantasy book a trade for Rivers I would love to see him swapped for Jay Cutler in Chicago. I like both dudes, but it's just so rare to see two top-tier quarterbacks being swapped for one another. The LeSean McCoy for Kiko Alonso deal was fun. But I just kind of want to see two big-name quarterbacks moved for each other. And before you give me (expletive), this isn't about to happen. I'm just fantasy booking here. But still, kill me on Twitter. I don't mind.

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