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Monday Nightmare: A total Brown out


What the hell happened at the end of Monday night? I mean, my phone started blowing up because my pal Reader Matt P. was watching Dean Ambrose light up the scream on RAW, so I figured it was safe to turn away.

But yeah, I forgot about the #MondayNightmare. I should never, and I mean ever, turn away from a Monday night football game again.

Antonio Brown scored an apparent touchdown that was overturned. (And led to a great tweet by Brown which was later redacted. But Google is your friend, kids. Go ahead and look that one up.) But seriously, it's the first time in my life I can ever remember the Steelers having a call reversed on them. Which I believe is accurate.

Arian Foster ended up scoring on a late-touchdown, too, because things like this happen. That cost me in a league. But to be honest, I dropped another game in my League of Record and I hate fantasy football right now, so having suffered a bitter defeat because of a late touchdown barely moves the needle for me right now.

A lot of you still care, however. And this is me reaching out to you to help you through these troubling times.

You must have felt like a champ about 28 minutes into this game. Dang, dude.

Oh man, I bet you saw that one coming, though.

Ooh, I hadn't thought of that angle.

But it was the first time in NFL history the Steelers had a call reversed on them.

Oh boy.

But Dean Ambrose, though. Am I right?

It's not over until all of the stat corrections come in.

And he never fumbles. Except on Monday night, because of course.

Great photo. Packer girl always brings it.

But why are you giving them a shout out if they are playing so poorly? Oh, wait. I get it.

Anybody who started Jay Cutler this week should lose.

Could that failed yard end up costing James Koh in his quest to see Dre Hopkins get 1,100 receiving yards? Oh boy.

Oh man. The Texans D really let people down here.

Whoa! How did you even enjoy Monday night? I swear, I'm thinking of creating a game that would eliminate the Monday night games. I mean, why do we still do this?

That's awful.

Oh man. I know that kind of (expletive) is possible. But what. The. (Expletive). That's rough.

The dreaded double-whammy. What a way to go.

Stop with the bragging!

Steven, you know my policy on braggers. I will not be using said above tweet.

That's a small sampling right there. Are we're not done yet. Please, share your tales of woe. You need to let it all out. Share, you'll feel better when you do.

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