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No Percy in the #MondayNightmare


You have to feel for Akbar. He went into Monday night's game needed just a few points from Freddy Morris to win in the NFL Fantasy Live fantasy league. But he mustered just a few points from Morris and was handed another tough defeat.

Yes, you have to feel for Akbar, but I certainly don't because I was the guy who hung on to beat him. In fairness, I deserved it because I was given just 10 points from Brandon Marshall and Jimmy Graham combined. Which is less than awesome. And I've had a few games where I've fallen just short in that league, so I was due.

But yeah, this isn't Monday Night Miracles, this is the Monday Nightmare, so let's see what was happening around the interwebs on Monday night.

I understand. Just get to the point. No worries.

Yep, Percy Harvin had, what, 13 touchdowns called back on Monday night? I'm sure that didn't ruin anybody's night. At. All.

Nope, nobody.

Well, some people.

Oh man, this is starting to make me feel bad.

Dang, dude.

Oh yeah, I forgot Pierre Garcon was going to be in this game. Until the very end, of course. Let's have it.

Oh boy.

Yeah, every play counts, right? Why is Garcon even in the game at that point?!?!?


BTW, notice the solid fantasy advice, huh, huh?

Big-time podcast producers, they're just like us!

All right, if we didn't get to you, don't fret. You can still use the hashtag #MondayNightmare to share with others. The comment section also works, too. Just get it out. You'll feel better when you do.

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