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Monday Nightmare: The Marshall Plan


Most of my job is often to offer consolation and encouragement. Especially on Monday night, when the majority of my tweets are similar to the, "Hey Rank, I need ____ points from (super star), do you think that I'll get it?"

And if Josh had asked me before the game if Marshall had been worth four, let alone one point, I probably would have conceded that he would have won. But yeah, not so much. And to think of the poor fantasy enthusiasts who didn't play Marshall last week, this had to be a crushing Monday night for many of you.

Although, it could be worse because you could have started Marshall last week, and still have lost. Which is what happened to me, thanks in no small part to a Week 1 starting backfield of Adrian Peterson and Knowshon Moreno. (Looked amazing at the time, now not so much.)

I would have taken that one to the bank, Kris. Yikes, that one really had to sting especially with Marshall having a touchdown called back.

But seriously, who wouldn't be confident in this situation?

This one is kind of a bummer, too. Wow. Yeah, it's easy to sit back and look at all of the little plays that could have made the difference. Like Marshall just getting 10 yards or something.

Packer Girl was not having a great night. Not only did the Bears win the game, but she pretty much lived and died with every play of the game. Not literally, but figuratively of course.

I don't even know what to say to this.

Oh boy.

But the Bears are winning! Wait, you're a Bears fan, right?

I can only imagine what went through your head when Geno Smith opened the game with a pick six. That had to be a lot of fun. Well, for that other fantasy enthusiast, not you.

Yep, that will happen to you. Martellus Bennett has notoriously been great in September. He's almost unfair out there with Marshall and Jeffery. So not fair.

All right, so you get it. If you have a tale of woe, please use #MondayNightmare to share your story. Consider this one big fantasy therapy couch and we're here to help you. Let it out, you'll feel better when you share.

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