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It's Jimmy Graham and everyone else at TE in 2014


I asked my editor, Marcas Grant, if I could just put Jimmy Graham as my No. 1 tight end and call it a day. But turns out, I need to fill out the other nine spots, which could end up being a little bit of a problem. Because this clearly is the most difficult position to handicap, especially this early.

However, that hasn't stopped me from randomly speculating in the past and it certainly won't now. I'm going to operate as if Rob Gronkowski will be back healthy for next season. But even then, he's not the automatic No. 2 guy anymore.

1. Jimmy Graham
2. Julius Thomas
3. Rob Gronkowski
4. Vernon Davis
5. Jordan Cameron
6. Jason Witten
7. Greg Olsen
8. Martellus Bennett
9. Charles Clay
10. Coby Fleener

* Thomas is going to be the guy who truly sets off the "tight end run" in most fantasy drafts. Graham will be long gone in the third round, but somebody is going to jump on JT in the fifth. Possibly even the fourth. And really, it's going to be hard to resist.

* I figure I will be able to pass on Thomas, but Gronkowski could be the value of the draft. A lot of fantasy enthusiasts will take him off the draft board because of his injury history. That's a viable concern. But the fifth round? That could be a nice spot for him. He won't get past the sixth round for me.

* Cameron really slowed down at the end of the year, but things kind of derailed in Cleveland. That will make Cameron another great value pick this year. Norv Turner is still currently the offensive coordinator and he still loves to utilize his tight ends.

* Witten is solid and again would be a solid value. But like I've said in previous rankings, the Cowboys must run the football to be successful in 2014. Expect Witten to be as inconsistent as he was this season.

* Olsen might be one of the most under-rated tight ends going. Love the offense in Carolina, and figure he will continue to be a huge part of it.

* Clay has been a fantastic find for the Dolphins and fantasy enthusiasts alike. Another year working with Ryan Tannehill will make him a great value. I already feel like I have him too low headed into next year.

* Bennett had a great first season in Chicago. Now the offense has locked in Jay Cutler to add some stability. I'm fine missing out on a tight end if it means I end up with Bennett. I'm very comfortable with it, actually.

* Fleener played well down the stretch. The third season is when he's going to make the leap. Like Bennett, I'd be very comfortable to open the 2014 season with him as my tight end.

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