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Weekly rankings: Showcase week for Andre Johnson


Congratulations to Fred Smoot who rose up my rankings this week in the category of favorite people on Earth. Smoot took to the D.C. airwaves and had this observation on the coach of the Washington Redskins. (via the Washington Post)

"If he loses this game, this is the end of the Red Lobster," Smoot told Holden and Danny on 106.7 The Fan. "I think you can put him in the broiler if he loses this game right here."

If only this was the end of this. Smoot continued on.

"I didn't say he shopped for bad groceries. He shopped for good players," Smoot said, before launching into the most Smoot-like analogy of all Smoots.

"Like we said, he just cannot cook. You know, sometimes grandma gets too old. She know what to go in the grocery store and get, but she just cannot whip it up like she used to.

"Great coaches get the most out of players, even the players that are not that good, they get the most out of these players," he added. "With Shanahan right now, I think right now the game has just passed him. Like he's not a bad coach, he's a Super Bowl winning coach, but I just think right now, today's athletes, and everything that goes on with today's football, has just simply passed him."

Stop it Fred, you win. But while he might have a point about the elder Shanahan, it's Kyle Shanahan who has posed a problem for fantasy owners lately. If you watch the Redskins games, they will ride Freddy Morris for most of the game (this is how he seemingly ends up with more than 100 rushing yards every week), but at some point will completely abandon the run. Like those Madden users who get too full of themselves and stop running.

So maybe it's not the Red Lobster's fault, but it's QSR option, Lobster Now!

In any event, here are the ranks.


1. Drew Brees
2. Peyton Manning
3. Russell Wilson
4. Matthew Stafford
5. Nick Foles
6. Matt Ryan
7. Cam Newton
8. Robert Griffin III
9. Andrew Luck
10. Philip Rivers
11. Case Keenum
12. Tom Brady

* Wilson has a fantastic matchup this week, and then it's off to the trade block after he torches the Vikings.

* I have a feeling I'm going to regret having Foles up this high. But he stays, at least until he throws a pick.

* Rivers has a tough matchup this week, but you know what, he wasn't as bad last week as I first feared.

Running backs

1. Jamaal Charles
2. Adrian Peterson
3. Knowshon Moreno
4. Matt Forte
5. Marshawn Lynch
6. LeSean McCoy
7. Reggie Bush
8. Alfred Morris
9. Stevan Ridley
10. Le'Veon Bell
11. Frank Gore
12. Giovani Bernard
13. Andre Brown
14. Eddie Lacy
15. Danny Woodhead
16. Andre Ellington
17. Ray Rice
18. Chris Johnson
19. Ryan Mathews
20. C.J. Spiller

* I know, it seems weird to not have A.D. up in the top spot, but Charles has been too consistent and he has a great matchup.

* Ridley has been one of the most consistent running backs of late. There's no denying it.

* Woodhead is a serious No. 2 running back at this point.

* The problem with Rice is not quite his injuries. I'll have more on this in Like/Dislike this week.

Wide receivers

1. Calvin Johnson
2. Brandon Marshall
3. DeSean Jackson
4. Andre Johnson
5. A.J. Green
6. Demaryius Thomas
7. Antonio Brown
8. Vincent Jackson
9. Pierre Garcon
10. Josh Gordon
11. Keenan Allen
12. Eric Decker
13. T.Y. Hilton
14. Riley Cooper
15. Wes Welker
16. Danny Amendola
17. Larry Fitzgerald
18. Torrey Smith
19. Victor Cruz
20. Alshon Jeffery
21. Jordy Nelson
22. Golden Tate
23. Cecil Shorts
24. Rueben Randle
25. Kendall Wright
26. Hakeem Nicks
27. Marvin Jones
28. Emmanuel Sanders
29. Percy Harvin
30. Jarrett Boykin

* Nobody stops Megatron.

* Dre Johnson's value is going to be at an all-time high after this week. I might think about trading him if you have a chance. You can probably pick up two great pieces for him right now, which could help you in the stretch drive. Don't just give him away, but I would consider it right now.

* Randle has caught Eli Manning's last five touchdown passes. I don't expect it to last forever, but still.

Tight ends

1. Jimmy Graham
2. Rob Gronkowski
3. Julius Thomas
4. Jordan Reed
5. Jordan Cameron
6. Antonio Gates
7. Vernon Davis
8. Greg Olsen
9. Timothy Wright
10. Martellus Bennett

* I can't believe I have Jordan Cameron this low since we became best friends on the Dave Dameshek Football Program.

* Tim Wright is going to have some bad nights. Monday was certainly one of them. But don't worry, he's still going to have some great performances. I picked him up to fill-in for Cameron, and I will continue to hang on to him for a while.


1. Sebastian Janikowski
2. Steven Hauschka
3. Stephen Gostkowski
4. Matt Prater
5. Garrett Hartley
6. Nick Novak
7. Mason Crosby
8. Robbie Gould
9. Ryan Succop
10. Nick Folk

* The Raiders really score way too many touchdowns for their talent. How do they not kick more field goals?

* I've been told I should give more love to Phil Dawson, who has now become my new doppelganger.


1. Arizona Cardinals
2. Seattle Seahawks
3. New York Giants
4. Carolina Panthers
5. Cleveland Browns
6. Cincinnati Bengals
7. Houston Texans
8. Green Bay Packers
9. Kansas City Chiefs
10. Buffalo Bills

* Great matchup for the Birds this week.

* The Bills could be a sneaky-shuffle this week. I love to shuffle in those defenses. I would pick them up, but I somehow scored the Texans in a ton of leagues recently. Check out Houston who has the Raiders this week and the Jags in the near future.

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