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NFL Fantasy LIVE: Jerry Rice gets Akbar's goat

  • By Marcas Grant
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There are plenty of superlatives one could use about Jerry Rice's Hall of Fame career. But you know you've done something when you hip the NFL's greatest wide receiver to something he didn't know about himself.

It certainly says something when you can score 22 touchdowns in a season and not have it be your best fantasy campaign. That's the case with Rice. Even though he hauled in 22 scoring passes in just his third year, it was in 1995 when Rice posted his signature season. Rice had a career-high 122 catches for 1,848 yards and 15 touchdowns. He finished with more than 248 fantasy points -- the best ever for a fantasy wideout.

That's also part of the reason Akbar Gbajabiamila was honored enough to present Rice with a gift of livestock for his 41st birthday. Livestock, you ask? Of course ... what else would you give the greatest of all time?

Still confused? Watch the video above. It'll all make sense.


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