Driven Stronger: RG3 could silence doubters

  • By Marcas Grant
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When it comes to fantasy football, you probably think you're perfect, right? Your modesty is what we most love about you.

Well, we applaud your confidence -- even if we question your judgment. After all, if you really were perfect, you wouldn't be reading this. Unless you do it just to point and laugh at us. Don't answer that. But with the NFL Fantasy Perfect Challenge gearing up for another season, we're back to help you make the best choices on your way to potentially winning $1 million.

Who's laughing now? If you take a tip from us and look over some of these preseason Driven Stronger Candidates, it could be you ... laughing all the way to the bank.

Quarterback -- Robert Griffin III

You wanna talk about a player who's "Driven Stronger"? Look no further than a man who had an ad campaign built around his comeback from major knee surgery. Griffin has told anyone willing to listen that he's ready to go for Week 1 -- and he'll be looking to silence the doubters. If what we've seen from him so far is any indication, the reigning Rookie of the Year should be poised for another dynamic season.

Running back -- Trent Richardson

Richardson's rookie year wasn't half bad -- especially the 11 rushing touchdowns. This year, he's the undisputed top option in the Cleveland offnse. More importantly, T-Rich makes the acquaintance of a noted running back specialist in the form of offensive coordinator Norv Turner. If it's good enough to draw praise from Jim Brown, it's definitely good enough for us.

Running back -- C.J. Spiller

The word out of Buffalo is that the Bills plan to run Spiller until he, um ... experiences gastrointestinal distress. While that's not a particularly appealing visual, the potential end result looks pretty nice from where we sit. Spiller showed what he can do last season while still technically in a timeshare. This year, the job is all his. You can see where we think this is going.

Wide receiver -- Larry Fitzgerald

Remember this guy? Once upon a time, he was one of the first receivers off the board in every fantasy football league imaginable. Then 2012 happened and proved that no one is immune to truly awful quarterback play. In 2013, Fitzgerald is working with a new veteran quarterback and a new, offensive-minded head coach. He'll once again be a fantasy commodity.

Wide receiver -- Torrey Smith

If there's a receiver in the league looking to prove everyone wrong, it's Smith. He's taking over as Baltimore's No. 1 receiver ... which people are skeptical about. With the injury to Dennis Pitta, he'll be the top option in the passing game ... something few people think he's ready for. Smith won't be a No. 1 fantasy option in most leagues, but if there's ever a player motivated to outperform his ranking, he's the one.

Tight end -- Jermichael Finley

It's the classic "guy in a contract year" phenomenon. With the chance to score a big payday down the road, Finley is having arguably the best preseason of his career. It also doesn't hurt that Greg Jennings is out of the picture in Green Bay and Jordy Nelson seems to always be banged up. The tight end position has gotten noticeably thinner over the past few seasons, so Finley could be a refreshing option.

Kicker -- Randy Bullock

Bullock was all set to be the man who helped boot the Houston Texans to glory. If only a wonky groin muscle was on board with that idea. Now Bullock is back and ready to tack on to a pretty potent offensive attack.

Defense/Special teams -- Arizona Cardinals

When everyone in the league is focused on two of the other teams in your division -- San Francisco and Seattle -- it's easy to feel a little bit left out. But the Redbirds started the season as one of the league's top defenses, only to be done in by an offense that couldn't ever sustain drives. Now that they've added rookie standout Tyrann Mathieu, there's even more reason to like what's going on in the desert.