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NFL Perfect Challenge: Arian Foster will run wild

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Hey, Deluded Guy Who Thinks He's A Fantasy Genius. Yeah, I'm talking to you. Wanna go head-to-head with me? To quote Drago in 'Rocky IV', "You will lose." Then again - to quote James Brown in the same movie - you're "living in America." In other words, you're certainly free to try. Just don't start crying when I do to you what Drago did to Apollo Creed.

Each week, Dave will offer up his own personal picks for the NFL Perfect Challenge. If you want to play against Dave and the rest of the NFL Fantasy LIVE crew, join our league!

Quarterback -- Aaron Rodgers

As we foretold last week, Rodgers had a big game against the sorry Saints in Lambeau on Sunday. Here comes another cupcake called 'Colts' (under a climate-controlled dome, no less) to help the Game's Best Quarterback get his numbers back to where we all expected before the season started.

Running back -- Arian Foster

If you haven't heard, the Jets are bad. Conversely, Arian Foster is not bad. In fact, he's quite good. You know what I think? I think you should play him...but only if you want to win $1mil.

Running back -- Marshawn Lynch

While I anticipate the Panthers to bounce back from last week's heartbreaker against Atlanta with a win this Sunday, Mr. Skittles still oughta be able to continue the roll he's been on since midway through last season.

Wide receiver -- A.J. Green

The prevailing wisdom is that Calvin Johnson is the most talented wideout in the league...but the Madden Curse has placed an asterisk next to that assertion. Who, then, can lay claim to Megatron's throne for the remainder of 2012? I hereby nominate Green, who's making all sorts of hey with fellow sophomore Andy Dalton.

Wide receiver -- Julio Jones

Julio's reportedly had a bum hand the last couple weeks, but the fact that Mike Smith continues to start him tells me everything I need to know. Matt Ryan will tilt things towards Jones in the Falcons' season-long wide receiver teeter totter.

Tight end -- Jimmy Graham

Graham is Brees' favorite target this season (and was last season, too). Hear me now, believe me later: there will be much to celebrate on Sunday night in NOLA, including: the Saints' first win, Brees breaking Unitas' consecutive-games-with-a-touchdown streak, and - if you start Graham here in the Perfect Challenge - Graham catching that record-breaking pass.

Kicker -- Stephen Gostkowski

We're all expecting a shootout in Foxborough, right? So starting Gostkowski makes sense, right?

Defense/Special teams -- Houston Texans

One of the two things will happen on Monday night: 1. Sanchez plays the whole game, or 2. Rex gives in to the 'Tebow' chants and gives Timmy his chance to play the second half. Talk about a win-win (for the Houston D...and me).

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