NFL Perfect Challenge: Drew Brees leads the pack

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Hey, Deluded Guy Who Thinks He's A Fantasy Genius. Yeah, I'm talking to you. Wanna go head-to-head with me? To quote Drago in 'Rocky IV', "You will lose." Then again - to quote James Brown in the same movie - you're "living in America." In other words, you're certainly free to try. Just don't start crying when I do to you what Drago did to Apollo Creed.

Each week, Dave will offer up his own personal picks for the NFL Perfect Challenge. If you want to play against Dave and the rest of the NFL Fantasy LIVE crew, join our league!

Quarterback -- Drew Brees

With the 0-2 Saints reeling and desperate for a win, head coach Drew Brees is gonna call on his best player, Drew Brees, to carry the team on Sunday. Look for him to gash the underperforming Chiefs D in a big way.

Running back -- Maurice Jones-Drew

The Jags' strategy figures to follow the blueprint Jacksonville teams of the past employed against Peyton Manning's Colts: keep Indy off the field by grinding the ball on the ground. That, of course, means lots and lots of carries for MJD.

Running back -- Arian Foster

I know, I know... the Broncos defense is terrific. You know who else is terrific? Arian Foster.

Wide receiver -- Dwayne Bowe

If Bowe's career history is any indication, he's at the front end of a hot streak. Over the last two years, Bowe has a propensity to string his good - and bad - games together in batches. Last week's big performance in an otherwise dismal Chiefs' showing in Buffalo suggests Bowe (who's in a contract season, by the way) will have a big performance in an otherwise dismal Chiefs' showing in New Orleans.

Wide receiver -- A.J. Green

He's the only game in town for quarterback Andy Dalton, and he should have plenty of targets against the league's 30th ranked seconday which has allowed six touchdowns.

Tight end -- Jimmy Graham

See: my earlier remarks regarding Brees. Who's Brees' favorite target? Jimmy Graham, aka the best tight end in the NFL.

Kicker -- Matt Prater

Prater hasn't put up a big number yet. That will change this Sunday night. (His team's gonna lose, though.)

Defense/Special teams -- San Francisco 49ers

The best defense the NFL has seen in years won't have much trouble stopping Christian Ponder. And if you're expecting Adrian Peterson to break through, don't.

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