NFL Perfect Challenge: Matt Stafford faces great Week 1 matchup

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Hey, Deluded Guy who thinks he's a Fantasy Genius. Yeah, I'm talking to you. Wanna go head-to-head with me? To quote Drago in 'Rocky IV', "You will lose." Then again - to quote James Brown in the same movie - you're "living in America." In other words, you're certainly free to try. Just don't start crying when I do to you what Drago did to Apollo Creed.

Each week, Dave will offer up his own personal picks for the NFL Perfect Challenge. If you want to play against Dave and the rest of the NFL Fantasy LIVE crew, join our league!

Quarterback -- Matt Stafford

This may be the only time all season you don't see the name Aaron Rodgers in this space, but that Niners defense has me spooked. Also, Bradford & Co are gonna be able to turn the game into the shootout because of the woeful Lions' secondary -which means Stafford will be throwing throughout the climate-controlled afternoon.

Running back -- Arian Foster

Have you watched 'Hard Knocks' this season? If you have, you know why I want anybody who's playing the Dolphins, let alone a guy I'd be stunned to see lower than fifth in fantasy points among running backs by season's end.

Running back -- Lesean McCoy

It might be Vick, who's looking to shake off the brittle tag and remind everybody how good he can be. Maybe it'll be DeSean Jackson, who's looking to put his 2011 embarrassment in the rearview mirror. One thing's for sure: someone- or someones -are gonna have a big day in Cleveland. Bank on Shady being one of them.

Wide receiver -- Calvin Johnson

Ignore 'The Madden Curse' at your own peril- 12 years of evidence can't be denied -but even if Johnson is inevitably doomed to suffer the jinx, there's no saying it has to hit as early as Week One.

Wide receiver -- Brandon Marshall

Mark it down: Cutler and Marshall are in for big seasons. Interesting matchup here between Marshall and Vontae Davis, two guys who were wearing Miami's aqua the last time they played a meaningful game.

Tight end -- Jimmy Graham

Saints de facto head coach Drew Brees will wisely instruct Saints quarterback Drew Brees to target Jimmy Graham as often as possible this season. Hear me now, believe me later: Graham's gonna be the No. 1 fantasy tight end in '12.

Kicker -- Jason Hanson

You know what people don't talk about enough? The fact that 21 years after the Lions drafted him, Hanson is still kicking - and kicking well - in Detroit. He was a second-round pick out of Washington State in the spring of 1992, a year before Ryan Leaf arrived for his freshman season in Pullman. Not that this has anything to do with Hanson in this game, but fantasy kickers are a crapshoot, anyway.

Defense/Special teams -- Houston Texans

I hate when people say "Welcome to the NFL", but this feels like one of those games where a rookie quarterback gets sacked eight or ten times. In short, WTTNFL.

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