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Does fantasy football have a new savior?


Week 5 is nearly in the books, and we got the return of some big-named players, while some Internet darlings failed to deliver. Here is a look at the top storylines of the week.

Tebow Time
Broncos fans rejoice, Tim Tebow is finally the starting quarterback - or at least many of those close to the situation believe that Tebow will be given the gig. Or just listen to John Fox's postgame interview, he is basically saying it without saying it.

And that's good for the fans who have clamored for Tebow's insertion into the starting lineup. But this news is bad for anybody who has been leaning on Eric Decker for fantasy points, because this is going to nuke his value. Not only does Tebow limit the passing game, he becomes his own goal-line vulture, too, taking some chances away from Willis McGahee. On the upshot, if you have been struggling for a quarterback this year, give Tebow a chance. 

Peterson still has it...
A lot of panicky fantasy enthusiasts have hit me up on the various social networks asking what the deal was with Peterson and if it was time to cut bait. Well, I believe that you have your answer after Peterson scored three touchdowns in the first quarter of Sunday's game. Of course, Peterson does not get to line up against the Cardinals every week, but hopefully this will quell any anxiety that you had over Peterson.

... So does Roethlisberger
The embattled Steelers quarterback had his best day of the season when his team needed it most -- just as our Dave Dameshek predicted on NFL Fantasy Live. Nobody rallies when things are down quite like Ben Roethlisberger, Dameshek asserted and was proven correct. Roethlisberger had five touchdown passes, and all of those reasons to bench him -- bad line, banged-up Rashard Mendenhall, tough matchup, busted foot -- were never a problem at all. The biggest question is whether or not he can continue to put up big numbers -- maybe not five touchdowns, but big nevertheless.

Bob Donnan/US Presswire
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Interceptions are a killer
There was a time when I played in fantasy leagues that did not ding owners for interceptions. I miss those days, because if that was still the case, Eli Manning and Michael Vick would have had monster days. Although, it is hard to completely fault Manning; sometimes he seems like the victim of bad luck. But other times, you have to wonder just what he is looking at.

Belichick hates your fantasy team
I was all over Stevan Ridley this week. He looked like such a great start against the Jets, who had given up the sixth-most points to running backs this season. But as I threw out during our Higher and Lower segment on NFL Fantasy Live, the only thing that scared me about Ridley was Belichick flipping the script and leaning on somebody else. That somebody was BenJarvus Green-Ellis. This is why fantasy football is so maddening.

Seabass for MVP!
Don't think it went without notice that one of the players Al Davis was roundly criticized for drafting in the first round -- kicker Sebastian Janikowski -- had one of the best days of a fantasy kicker ever by booting three field goals of 50 yards or longer.

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