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Add Britt to the growing list of A-listers on IR

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Britt is yet another big name to go down with a knee injury this season.

Add Kenny Britt's name to the growing list of A-list fantasy studs that had their season cut short by a knee injury. And yes, complaining about a season-ending injury and its impact on your fantasy team wedges you between using a Jamaal Charles injury photo as a marketing tool and John Lackey files for divorce from cancer-stricken wife on the sensitivity scale, but dang it, I had Britt and Charles, so I am allowed to vent a little bit, right?

What I should be upset with is starting Fred Jackson in my flex over Wes Welker in a league, but I would rather blame injuries than my own Bushmills-fueled fantasy decisions.

But this is where you make your money as a fantasy enthusiast, adjusting to injuries and flameouts (with Michael Vick counting in both categories) to put out a competitive team.

You are in luck this week if you need a fantasy receiver because a few guys are still available out on the waiver wire who can help your team. As a cheat sheet, here are some of the names you should be targeting.

1. Nate Washington -- Highest number of targets.
2. David Nelson -- High number of targets.
3. Denarius Moore -- The Raiders have to play this guy.
4. Torrey Smith -- Lee Evans could return and make things complicated.
5. Eric Decker -- Disappointed on Sunday, but was targeted in red zone.
6. Lance Moore -- Healthy and still available in close to 40 percent of leagues.
7. Victor Cruz -- Good for right now, becomes muddled when Mario Manningham returns.

Alright, who has questions?

Is Torrey Smith better than Victor Cruz? -- Matthew Caruso (via Twitter)
Did you not see the rankings above? Oh wait, I wrote that after you tweeted me. But yes, Smith is a pretty good value off the waiver wire this week. Right now we are looking for opportunity and upside. Nelson has a great opportunity in that Bills offense. Moore should end up being the playmaker in Oakland. And it is a wild card what the Ravens are going to do with Smith, but those three guys should be your top targets. If I think about it too long, Moore might end up taking the top spot.

How about now, can I get rid of Peyton Manning finally? - Brian (via text message)

So I just need Fred Davis to score 54 points in order to win my fantasy game this week. #igotthisright? - Rodney Sutherland
Rodney, if you were playing me, it would be virtually guaranteed. But how morose are you going to be when Davis scores 51 points to just tease you enough. As a non-sequitur there is this kid in one of my leagues who drafted all Cowboys. Seriously, all Cowboys. He is down 124 points in a standard scoring league, and he thinks that he still has a chance. Hey, but it is his money.

I am going to do it, I am dropping Manning - Brian (via text message)
How many weeks have you threatened this? Either dump or get off the pot. Here is the deal, if you want to keep Manning thinking that a late 30-something quarterback who missed the majority of the season with a neck injury is going to be rushed on to the field to help lead an 0-10 to a high draft pick, then keep him. I am not convinced that he will ever see the field this season. The Colts would be doing its team -- and fantasy enthusiasts -- a favor if they put Manning on the IR and just move on. So just do it already.

Thanks for the Cardinals defense call-even though they lost. What do you think of Nate Washington as a top waiver pick this week? -- Gene Mulone (via Twitter)
Yes, can nobody see the list? I put this question in here because I had Washington lower on my list initially. In an effort to go through my thought process, I really started to consider the number of targets that Washington is going to see. With Matt Hasselbeck playing great, there is no reason to believe that Washington can't be the guy in Tennessee.

I can't do it, I am keeping him for one more week - Brian (via text message)
Do it already.

So I drop Ryan Grant and he does better than Starks. Should I keep Bernard Scott or go for Grant again? - Spencer Murray (via Twitter)
Grant had a rib injury, so his status will continue to remain murky. And really, the status in Green Bay could turn in an instant. Right now, I would hold on to Scott, pending a ruling on Benson's status. Benson has a hearing for an appeal on Tuesday. If Benson does not serve a suspension, then keeping Scott to play against the Bills is the best bet. If you have an expendable defense or kicker, you might be able to drop one of them to see how things unfold, and then make a last-minute move during the weekend when things are clearer.

Is it time to drop D Williams and pick up LT or Addai? I have Mathews, Tate, Ingram, Hardesty, McCluster. - Will Spencer (via Twitter)
I am not there yet with DeAngelo Williams. Is he nursing an injury or something? That is really hard to tell, but Jonathan Stewart is clearly out-playing him. I would look at Tomlinson's performance as just another instance of him trying to kill the Raiders, a team he grew to despise playing all of those years in San Diego. Don't overact to it.

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