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Don't worry Forte, we see you as an elite fantasy player

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Pay attention, Giants, this is how you sell an injury. He even used a wheelchair.

Bears RB Matt Forte is upset that he does not have a new contract, telling reporters that "Obviously someone doesn't believe I'm an elite running back." I will be honest with you, Forte, there was a time when I did not think that you were an elite running back.

You sank my fantasy team, Forte Ounces to Freedom, a few years ago. But I will let you know that you are indeed an elite fantasy running back.

I was on record saying that the Bears were going to miss the playoffs this season. And while I still believe that a team led by Jay Cutler will likely fall out of the playoffs, Forte has proven to be a reliable, elite fantasy running back. I have Forte at No. 7 in my latest re-Ranks, and you can expect a big deal from him this week, despite playing the Packers.

Now who has questions?

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NFL Fantasy LIVE gets a visit from Chris Cooley who talks about his favorite fantasy tight ends. (Click on image for further analysis.)

Is Dez Bryant totally worthless now that Romo is injured? Should I pick up Eric Decker, [Lance] Moore or [David] Nelson instead? I am kind of leaning toward Nelson since he's got a healthy Aaron Rodgers at the helm. - Nathan Israileff (via Facebook)
Totally worthless? Absolutely not. Dez proved that he was a matchup nightmare against the Jets, at least when he is healthy. So no need to go into complete panic mode and drop him. If you have some other worthless cargo on your team (like Chad Ochocinco), then maybe you make a move. Otherwise, stand pat.

Hey Adam, should I still hold onto Ingram? I know it's only been two weeks, but I am not sure he'll be doing better down the road. I have Sproles as well, and right now Sproles looks to be the better start of the two. Should I cut Ingram to pick up Decker? I am pretty solid at WR with Andre Johnson, Mike Wallace, Santana Moss and Jacoby Ford. - Jackie Ngo (via Facebook)
Well, it is way too early to let Ingram go. You are pretty solid at receiver. But I would drop Ford for Decker right now.

Should I start Matthew Stafford over Cam Newton - Victor Chang (via Facebook)

Oh, you wanted more? Stafford is moving into elite quarterback status. Look at the games he has played when healthy and he just continues to put up the big numbers. I really like this guy. Newton has been great, but the consistency is still something we want to take a look at. He showed a lot against the Packers, but he is still a rookie.

Still must starts - Roddy White and Santonio Holmes? They are not playing up to par. Would you start E. Decker over either of them? Gene Mulone (via Twitter)
Well, White has been disappointing, and Holmes has been hurt, but both are still starting for my team. Decker is the hottest name in fantasy football right now. But stick with White and Holmes for right now. Of course, we need to check in on Holmes' injury this week.

Would you start Eric Decker over Reggie Wayne this week?-- Logan Moller (via Facebook)
You see what I mean? Check out the receiver ranks. Wayne is just one spot ahead of Decker this week (so at least you guys are getting closer). Of course, I do the Thursday and Friday re-Ranks. And if Brandon Lloyd is going to miss time, we could see Decker move up in the ranks. So keep tabs.

Will Eric Decker change the way we think about football? - Reader Matt P. (via Twitter)
I have had enough.

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