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  • Stevan Ridley RB - NE After coughing the ball up in Friday's p... 8:07 pm   8/18/14

    After coughing the ball up in Friday's preseason game versus the Eagles, Stevan Ridley was left with "a sick feeling". Ridley didn't play another snap after the fumble. Considering his previous residence in coach Bill Belichick's doghouse, he's unsure if he was benched solely for ball-security reasons.

    Impacts: Earlier last week it seemed like Ridley was one fumble away from losing his job to rookie James White. But White's lackluster performance on Friday showed us that its not likely to happen any time soon. For now Ridley seems somewhat secure as the Pats' power back with Shane Vereen taking over third-down duties. If Ridley continues to fumble though, we could see a change early in the season.

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