Winners Leagues

Were you able to bring home the trophy in 2013? Do you want to take your game to the next level and compete against the best of the best on Winners Leagues give you just that option. You will have the ability to either join a NFL-Managed Winners League or take on the role of LM and create your own.

Joining a Winners League

If you won a fantasy league on last season, it's easy to find a winners league to join. All leagues that are designated for winners-only can be found in the League Directory. Note that if you weren't a league champion last year, these leagues will not appear when you browse through the league directory.

Steps to Joining A Winners League:

Creating a Winners League

For users who both won a league last season and want to create a winners-only custom league, the process is simple as well.

Steps to Creating Your Own Winners League:

  • Complete the league creation process and customize your settings
  • When your league is created, click the "Manage" tab from the Fantasy Site navigation
  • Click "Edit League"
  • Click "Yes" to the prompted question, Do you want to add your league to the League Directory?
  • From here you will be able to choose between having an "Open" league where anyone can join or a "Restricted" league where a password that you create is required to join the league.
  • To designate your league a "Winners Only" league, choose that specification with regards to the restriction of team owners.

Note that all aspects of the league are restricted to winners-only, including co-owners. For the highest level of competition, make sure to join an Winners League!