What Is Fantasy Football?

Do you have what it takes to put together a winning football franchise? NFL.com Fantasy Football gives you the perfect chance to find out. Fantasy football, like other fantasy games, puts you in the front office and on the sidelines as General Manager and Coach of your team. You select from a list of the best players in the NFL and they compete on a weekly basis for your team. Their on-field performance drives your fantasy point total and overall success.

Specifically, fantasy football works like this: You decide what type of league you want to participate in, acquire a roster of players (either through a draft or through autopick assignment), then set your lineup each week during the season and watch as touchdowns, field goals, yards gained, sacks, interceptions and much, much more generate fantasy points for or against your team. Whether you win or lose and climb or fall on the leaderboard all depends on how well you maximize the talent on your roster each week. Will you make a risky move to start that backup running back or will you play it safe and keep your starting lineup consistent?

From prize-eligible NFL-Managed Leagues to fully customizable Custom Leagues, NFL.com provides ample options to start your fantasy season. Want to compete to win official NFL prizes including trips to the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl XLIX? Join an NFL-Managed league, where you will go head-to-head against other NFL fans across the country for the right to be called a league champion. Or are you looking to fully customize your fantasy experience, from the league and scoring settings to the users you will compete with on a weekly basis? Create your Custom league today and invite friends, family, co-workers and anyone else to compete in a season-long fantasy battle on NFL.com. Exclusive NFL.com Fantasy Football features including instant video highlights and free Fantasy Game Center Live Scoring await in all NFL.com fantasy leagues.

Will your team earn the title of NFL.com Fantasy Football Champion this season? Find the right settings to suit your interests and start building your winning franchise today!

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