Watch List

Looking to keep an extra eye on players both on and off your roster? Looking to dig deeper into the best free agent finds and trade targets? Utilize our Watch List to keep tabs on players and find that perfect time to add that future star to your team.

The Watch List feature allows teams to create a list of players who you would like to monitor. This page allows you to quickly view statistics, trends and data, plus start the add, drop or trade process.

Add a player to your Watch List from the player card, Players page or another team's My Team page. To add a player to your Watch List, click on the magnifying glass located in the Action column. Once a player has been added to your Watch List, to remove a player from your Watch List, simply click the icon again and the player will immediately be removed from your Watch List.

The Watch List comes in handy for finding those players who could take your team from pretender to contender.

Watch List

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