Scoring Leaders

Track fantasy scoring leaders across your league by visiting the customized Scoring Leaders page. Click "Players" within your fantasy navigation. Once there, select "Scoring Leaders" for easy access to the top fantasy players in your league by week and for the season. This page is customized to your league's scoring settings and provides a great recap of your league's top players by position.

Use the Season or Week links at the top of the page to view the top players for each fantasy position by points scored. Is your quarterback's bye week quickly approaching and you need a quick fix to fill in? The Scoring Leaders page will help you quickly determine if any of the top weekly quarterbacks are available as free agents. Each player's ownership status is displayed, giving you one-click access to proposing a trade or adding the player as a free agent. You also have one-click access to sortable statistics by team or player, putting advanced statistical tools at your fingertips.