Roster Options

Have you ever dwelled on an important start/sit decision, only to choose the wrong player and lose by mere points? Those days are over, thanks to the all-new Roster Options feature.

Introducing Roster Options, the all-new custom league feature that allows your Fantasy league to take the next step in the evolution of Fantasy Football. Exclusive to Fantasy Football, Roster Options are the perfect fit for a custom league looking to turn up the competition or for the fantasy football manager who just can’t make that crucial starting lineup decision.

What are Roster Options?

When enabled, users will be able to purchase the option to substitute a benched player into their starting lineup after games have concluded. Users can also purchase the right to roster options for their entire roster through the “Optimize Lineup” option.

How do Roster Options work?

Best of all, roster options are simple. It can’t be easier to get started today.

  1. Custom league manager turns the Roster Options setting on during the “Create League” process or via the “Edit Roster Options” manage tool.
  2. Team Owners click “Buy” button available on My Team page for all benched players.
  3. Complete the purchase process.
  4. If a player you purchased an option for outscores a player in your starting lineup (at an eligible position), automatically makes the post-game substitution and your total score is updated.
Roster Options

Roster Options not for you? Simply leave the setting off in your custom league and enjoy 200+ other custom settings to create the perfect fantasy football league.


Enabling Roster Options is 100% FREE. Turn the Roster Options setting to “On” when creating your league or via League Manager tools, under the Roster Management section.

When enabled, team owners have the option to purchase in two ways:

  • Single Player: $0.99
  • Optimize Entire Lineup: $3.99
    • Note: Optimize Lineup option is available to purchase up until the first game of the week (typically on Thursday)
Roster Options