League Power Rankings

Want to see how you really stack up against the competition? With our League Power Rankings you can do just that. Compare how your team fares against other teams in three separate rankings: Break-Down Rank, Coach Rank and True Rank.

Breakdown Rank provides a weekly look at your W-L-T record if you had played every team in your league each week. For example, if your team scored 110 points in Week 2, your weekly score would be compared to every team in your league. If there are 10 teams in your league and your 110 points were higher than seven of the nine remaining teams in your league, your Breakdown Rank for Week 2 would be 7-2.

Our Coach Rank measures just how strong your managerial skills really are. This ranking takes into account how many points your perfect lineup would have scored during any given week. By comparing the number of points scored by your actual starting lineup of points to your ideal (or "perfect") lineup for the week, you see how many points you are leaving on the bench each week. The smaller the difference, the better your Coach Rank.

The True Rank is our strongest determinant of team strength and managerial skills. This ranking is the combination of four categories: Record, Points For, Breakdown Rank and Coach Rank. By considering the value or rank that a team earns in each category versus the rest of the league, a True Rank is determined.