Trades (NFL-Managed)

If you are interested in a player who is currently owned by another team in your league, you may still attempt to acquire that player through a trade. Trades are a great way to help multiple teams better their rosters at the same time. Have too many running backs but need a new starting quarterback? Find another owner in your league who has an extra quarterback to spare and might be looking to upgrade at running back.

Proposing a Trade

To propose a trade, go to your team page and click "Trade" at the top of the page. You will arrive at the Player List page where you can find the player you want to trade for in a number of different ways. You can search for the player by first or last name, by position or by the other fantasy teams in your league.

Once you have found the player you hope to trade for, click the multi-directional arrows next to the player?s name. You will be taken to the roster page of the fantasy owner who has the rights to the player you want to trade for. Once on that page, select just that player, or add additional players from that owner?s roster that you would like on your team. At the top of the Propose Trade page, you will see a section labeled "Who do you want to trade for?" This section will list all the selected players that you'd like to bring to your team.

Once you have made your selections, click the "Continue" button to navigate to a page that lists the players on your roster who you would like to trade away. Select the one or more players on your roster who you would like to trade away and click "Continue."

You will arrive at the Review Trade Proposal page where you can compare all facets of the potential trade based on schedule, statistics, projections, and current rankings. If you do not like the trade once you get to this page, click "Cancel" to be redirected back to your team page. There is also the option of adding a comment to the trade proposal which will be sent to the other team?s owner. Once you have reviewed the trade, made your comments and are satisfied with the offer, click "Submit." You will be taken back to your team page where you will notice a section above your roster listed as "Team Notes." In that area you can see the trade proposal listed along with a link that will allow you to view the specifics of the offer. The team owner you proposed the trade to will receive notification via email and/or the My Team page, at which point they may choose to accept or deny the trade proposal.

If at some point after you offer the trade you decide to rescind the proposal, from your team page click "View Trade" and click the "Cancel Trade" button.

If you are on the receiving end of a trade proposal, you will be notified of the offer on your team page and/or via email. You will be able to click "View Trade" and review whether or not the terms of the trade are acceptable to you. If they are, click "Accept" and your trade will go up for League Votes to approve or deny the agreed-upon trade. If more than half of the teams in your NFL-Managed league vote to overturn the trade, it will be reversed. This is standard in NFL-Managed leagues to ensure competitive balance.

Trade Rules

The rules for trades in NFL-Managed Leagues are as follows:

  • There is no maximum number of trades that owners can complete in a season.
  • If a trade is not popular in your league, there is a two (2) day window for other owners to review any potential trade and overturn the transaction.
  • Pending trades appear on all owners? Team Pages where owners can click ?View Trade? and vote FOR or AGAINST the proposed trade from happening. Trades are overturned if a majority of owners disagree with the swap.
  • Once your trade clears the review process, the trade will be completed and the players involved in the trade will switch rosters and be available to start for their new teams.
  • An important note: if you accept a trade on Friday afternoon, your review process will last until 48-hours from the time you accept the trade. In other words, the players that you accepted will not necessarily be available to start for your team that Sunday. Please keep this in mind when considering trades and how they will affect you weekly lineup.

Trade Deadline

For NFL-Managed Leagues, the deadline to complete all trades is November 26, 2017. All other transactions (add/drop, free agency and waivers) are still available to each team throughout the duration of the season.

Trading Block

The trading block is a feature that enables owners to let other teams in their league know as to what they are looking for in trades. Team owners can view the league trading block by visiting Trading Block within the navigation on the My Team page. To edit your team's visible trading block information, click the "Edit My Trading Block" link from the Trading Block page. You can make updates to this as often as you prefer.

On this page, a team owner has five areas to customize to create your team's trading block.

  • On The Block - Specify which players you are willing to deal in a trade. You can list as many players as you prefer.
  • Untouchable - Let others owners know which players you are not willing to trade. For example, if you own Andre Johnson, he might be someone that you want to label as ?Untouchable?. Note that a player can not be both "On the Block" and "Untouchable".
  • Interested - Designate which positions you are looking to deal for. If you are need of a Tight End, this would be where you let other owners know.
  • Available - Determine which positions you are willing to move.
  • Notes - Include any special instructions or notes you want your league to know about your trade requests.
Trading Block

The trading block is a quick and easy way to make a trade with a fellow owner by seeing if your needs align with what they have to offer. Click the "Propose Trade" link from the Trading Block for the team you want to make a deal with.

Depth Chart

Depth charts provide a snapshot of the complete rosters of each team in your league on a single page. This tool gives you a look into where a team?s strength and weaknesses lie, helping to spark trade offers and plan your team's longterm strategy. Use the "Propose Trade" or "Send Email" links to get the conversation started.

Note that players bolded represent the current starters within each team's roster. Access the Depth Charts tool within the navigation from League Home.