Schedule (NFL-Managed)

The Fantasy Football season works very similarly to the NFL season. You have a Regular Season that determines who makes it to the Playoffs. Then, the best of the best square off in a postseason tournament to determine the overall league champion.

Regular Season

The NFL-Managed Regular Season lasts for the first 14 Weeks of the Regular Season. This is a fixed setting. If you would prefer to change the number of weeks your league plays, look into our Custom Leagues.

Tie Breakers

Tie breakers for final regular season standings are as follows:

  • Head-to-Head Record
  • Points Scored
  • Points Scored Against (Most Difficult Schedule)
  • Coin Flip

Also note that weekly matchup ties are allowed in NFL-Managed leagues, just like in the NFL.


The NFL-Managed Playoffs include the top 4 teams from your league in a win-or-go home, single-elimination battle for the title. In the Playoffs, scoring and the head-to-head format remain the same as the regular season. Starting in Week 15, the top four teams in your league will be seeded first through fourth based on how each team finished the regular season (see tie breakers above). To start the playoffs, the matchups will be as follows:

  • #1 Seed vs. #4 Seed
  • #2 Seed vs. #3 Seed

The teams with the most points at the end of the games in Week 15 advance to the Championship game to face each other.

If a tie occurs in the fantasy playoffs, for leagues that allow ties, the higher playoff seed will be deemed the winner. For example, if the (3) seed ties with the (4) seed, the (3) seed wins the tiebreaker and move on to the next round of the playoffs (or wins the league if this tie occurs in the championship game).

Consolation Bracket

Just because you didn't make it to the playoffs does not mean that your season is over! You can still compete in the consolation bracket.

The top four teams who did not make the playoffs will compete in a similar playoff battle which will start in Week 15 to determine which teams finish fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth within your NFL-Managed league.

  • #5 Seed vs. #8 Seed
  • #6 Seed vs. #7 Seed

The teams with the most points at the end of the games in Week 15 will advanced to the Final round of the consolation bracket. In the case of a tie, the higher seed will be deemed the winner.

Note: In NFL-Managed leagues, those teams who finished outside of the top eight will have their seasons end after Week 14 and will no longer have any matchups.