Fair Play and User Conduct

Fantasy football is all about competition, but it is essential to the integrity of the game that that competition be fair and balanced. To ensure that all NFL.com Fantasy Football leagues operate under optimal conditions, there is a general set of rules that apply that all owners should keep in mind throughout the fantasy season.

Collusion and Illegal Roster Moves

Throughout the season, owners have the opportunity through the draft, free agency and trades, to acquire players to their roster. In most scenarios, these transactions are completed with relative fairness to all owners. In some cases, however, there are owners who transgress the fair play guidelines of the game. Regardless of intention, these unfair league actions are prohibited.

Some examples: colluding with other owners for the benefit of certain teams over others is strictly prohibited, as is the mass “Dropping” of a team’s players. Dumping your team’s roster because you have given up on the season is not permissible and is grounds for removal from ownership of your team. You also may not add and then immediately drop any number of free agents, thus putting those recently dropped players on waivers and making them inaccessible to other owners.

NFL.com Fantasy players are encouraged to be mindful and report/veto any one-sided trades, collusive decisions between owners or any other actions that impede players from engaging in a fair, competitive and, ultimately, fun environment.

Single Team Ownership

NFL.com Fantasy team owners are only permitted ownership of ONE team per league they are participating in. Multiple team ownership is not allowed in NFL-managed leagues.

League/Team Names and League Communication

In all forms of communication on NFL.com, it is imperative that users keep names and messages free from abusive, threatening or derogatory remarks. This pertains to league and team names, e-mails to league owners, activity feed, and the draft application chat. Smack talk and the like is allowed, but the league environment should always remain competitive, fun and safe.

Profane team names and vulgar comments/discussion within a league's Activity Feed will be edited/removed at the sole discretion of NFL.com in order to preserve the integrity of NFL.com Fantasy Football and promote a fun experience for all users.