Custom League Options

200+ League and Scoring Settings

200+ settings allow you to customize your league exactly the way you want it

- Multiple league types available - IDP, PPR, Keeper and more
- League sizes up to 20 teams and 4 divisions
- Add yardage and touchdown scoring bonuses
- Dream up your perfect league and Fantasy delivers

Custom League History with Import Feature

Track every play from every fantasy season - in the past and moving forward!

- tracks every statistic, player and matchup for you every year
- With the exclusive League History Import feature, you can move your league to and keep past league history from another site!
- Track records and stats like league champion, standings, playoffs, high scorers and more
- Create custom categories for past seasons

Advanced Keepers Customization

With the Custom Draft Board and Draft Pick Trades, LMs can fully customize their draft and keeper settings

- Set up to 10 keepers per team annually
- Cater to the your own specific keeper settings, including those not supported on other sites
- Easily trade or swap draft picks
- Enjoy the user-friendly interface

Multi-Week Playoff Matchups

Expand playoff matchups to two weeks of play for enhanced competition

- Choose from 11 different playoff settings, including 1-week and 2-week matchups
- Also supports a 2-week championship matchup only
- provides the ultimate customization for even the most demanding LMs

Trophy Room

Showcase your accomplishments from your previous and future seasons!

- View all of your accumulated trophies from past seasons
- Check out the league trophy room to view current record holders and champions
- LMs can create customized trophies to take their league to the next level
- Trophies are archived and visible for as long as you play on

Roster Options

Trouble making a tough start/sit decision? Let Roster Options help you out!

- Turn up the competition in your league
- League Managers can enable this feature in all Custom Leagues
- When purchased, roster options provide you with the ability to substitute a bench player into your starting lineup
- Purchase options for your entire lineup with the "Optimize Lineup" feature!