My Notifications

The “My Notifications” section is a quick and easy way to access aspects of your team including a short cut to setting your roster, making waiver claims, watching video highlights and analyzing proposed trades.

At first glance, all sections are minimized, but upon expansion you will have complete access to essential tools all in one location. When expanded each notification will display the following:

  • Trades - You will be able to take in trade proposals, pending trades and trades to be approved by either league vote of by the League Manager. You will also have a link that will take you directly to your team page where you can view all trades.
  • Waivers - All pending waiver claims for the week will be displayed here. Owners will be able to click on a link that will take them to their pending moves on the My Team page where they can edit their waiver mores or make claims on more players.
  • Lineup - Owners will be able to click on a link that will take them to their My Team page where they can set their lineup. Notifications in this section will prompt you to make changes to your lineup for the coming week if you have not done so and will let you know if any of your players on your roster have an updated injury status. You will also be notified in any players in your starting lineup have bye weeks or have been designated to the Injured Reserve List.
  • Video - Users will be able to view video of players on their roster who have new highlights available in the last 24 hours.
  • League Manager - Note that this notification will only be available in custom leagues where you are the League Manager. League Managers will be provided with a link to their Manage tab so they can quickly make any needed changes to their league. Notifications that will be displayed include a prompt if your league is not yet full and a link to invite friends. Also, if an offline draft has taken place and the League Manager needs to “Submit Draft Results”. The last notification includes the scheduled time and date of your live draft if you have one selected.