Live Draft Lobby

The season finally begins when you enter the Live Draft Lobby. It is time to put your strategies to the test and begin your quest for the championship.

To enter the Live Draft Lobby, either click on "Draft Center" on the League Home Page or click Here.

Upon entering the Lobby, you have the ability to:

  • Enter a Standard Draft Now
  • Enter an Auction Draft Now
  • Create an Autopick Team
  • View the Draft Kit
  • Create a Custom League
  • Join a League
  • View our Frequently Asked Questions

Once you click on the Draft Now button, you will be placed into the next available draft once the draft fills with 10 users. You will not be able to enter the draft until the draft is completely filled. If you are not ready to draft just yet, you can vacate your draft at any time before 10 users enter the draft.

After the draft has been completed, you will be able to customize your team as you wish. You can create your own team name and upload your own team logo or choose from the many different logos that we provide for you.

League Settings

All leagues that are drafted by utilizing the Draft Now button will follow our NFL-Managed League Settings. To view these settings click Here.