Fantasy Game Center Live Scoring Fantasy Football features free, enhanced live scoring for all leagues. View your matchup's Fantasy Game Center by visiting the Game Center link in the fantasy navigation. On this page, you can track fantasy matchups across your league, from pre-game matchup projections, to live updates on game day, to a video highlight recap after the final point is scored.

Pre-Game Matchup

Prior to the start of NFL games for the week, your Fantasy Game Center features pre-game matchup information and projections. Projections are updated daily with the latest injury updates and player news from around the league, taking realistic projections to the next level.

On the Preview tab, view your matchup's projected scores in a visual chart format or box score. You can also read the latest player news and view head-to-head positional projection data. In the Watch tab, check out pre-game video and get the latest analysis from Fantasy experts and NFL Network. The Discuss tab allows you to begin chatting with fellow league owners about matchups across your fantasy league. Who is going to win? What is your upset pick of the week? Discuss it all live in your Fantasy Game Center.

Game Day Live Scoring

When NFL games start for the week, your Fantasy Game Center transforms into the ultimate live scoring destination, providing up-to-the-second scoring updates and video highlights on demand, all at no cost. Your Game Center Live Chart will morph into a combination of projected stats and live scoring, continuously updating with the latest fantasy matchup score as the action happens on NFL fields across the country. Alternatively, track your live scoring in the box score below. You can also access a Full Box Score, Play by Play Box Score, and Scoring Breakdown which offer additional details of your team's performance.

Instant Video Highlights

As big plays happen across the NFL affecting your fantasy matchup, your Fantasy Game Center live chart will allow you to watch the highlight in a matter of seconds after happening on the field. You already know that LeSean McCoy's second touchdown of the day pulled your fantasy squad into the lead, but now you can watch the impressive run on demand. Simply click the BIG PLAY NOTIFIER on your Game Center live chart and enjoy your fantasy team's instant video highlights as you track live scoring. Visit the Watch tab for additional video content related to your fantasy matchup and the Discussion tab to take part in league-wide discussion of that week's fantasy matchups.

Game Day Live Scoring

Post-Game Recap

Fantasy Game Center is also your destination for an interactive post-game recap of your league's weekly fantasy matchups. The Track tab features the Live Chart, visually depicting the ups and downs of each fantasy matchup in an easy-to-read graph. Visit the Watch tab video highlights of each weekly matchup, including all of the most important plays that impacted each fantasy matchup. The Discuss tab provides a chat area to wrap up the week's matchups and discuss your thoughts.

Live Chat

Stay tuned for information on live chat within Fantasy Football.