Fantasy Football FAQ

Draft Types


  • Standard: Team owners take turns selecting players in a linear or snake draft order (explained below)

  • Auction: Team owners nominate and bid on players using an allotted budget. This does not involve using actual money.


    • Live Online: Team owners all draft at the same predetermined time, online, using's draft client

    • Offline: Team owners in a Custom League hold a draft without use of the Draft Client or Autopick, and the league manager manually enters the selections to begin the season

    • ORDER

      • Linear: For every round in the draft, team owners draft or nominate in the same order

      • Snake: Team owners draft their teams in an order that alternates forwards and backwards from round to round. The team owner with the last pick of the first round gets the first pick of the second, and so on.

      • Autopick Draft: Team owners unable to attend part or all of the draft have their teams automatically drafted by the site during their absence according to personal or site pre-draft rankings. In Autopick Leagues, the entire league is auto-drafted.

        What is Fantasy Football?

        Fantasy Football is a game in which participants ("team owners") select actual football players for fictional teams and compete using scoring based on the players' statistics. Team Owners decide which of their players' scores will count for each matchup by "starting" some in the "starting lineup" and "sitting" the rest on the "bench". Between matchups, team owners attempt to improve their "roster" by trading players with other teams or adding players from the pool of those who are unselected. The "season" begins when Team Owners all "draft" teams and ends after a regular season of matchups, playoffs, and a championship game.

        Roster Options

        When Roster Options are enabled during the "Create League" process or via "Edit Roster Options" in the MANAGE tab, users purchase the option to substitute a benched player into the starting lineup after games have concluded. Users can also purchase the right to roster options for their entire roster through the "Optimize Lineup" option.

        Team Owners select "Buy" next to a player, complete the purchase process, and, if that player outscores a starter at an eligible position, automatically substitutes him in.


        • Enabling Roster Options: FREE
        • Single Player: $0.99
        • Optimize Entire Lineup (*up until the first game of the week): $3.99

        Live Draft Application

        Thirty minutes before a draft, "Draft Now" appears on the league homepage and in the Fantasy Draft Center. Team owners may access the draft at any time from when this appears until the draft is complete.

        Custom Leagues please note: if there are not owners for every team slot within an hour of the draft, the draft will automatically be postponed. In order for a league that is not filled to draft, the league manager must invite enough owners to fill the customized number of team slots or reduce the number of team slots to fit the number of owners who have accepted the invitation to the league.

        How to Draft

        The draft client features the draft order, a timer, stats, analysis, your queue, a history of who has been selected, and a chat room for the league. Search for players by using the search bar or by scrolling the player list, filter them by position, or insert and rank players in a queue that will update as players are taken. Select the player bar to bring up the player card for more detailed information, a link to his player page, a button to add him to the customizable queue, and a button to draft the player or bid on him. If you do not choose or bid on a player in turn, your team will automatically be set on "Autopick". The Draft is not complete until every team in the league has filled every spot on the team roster and the Draft Summary screen appears.

        The Draft Order

        The order of the draft is either determined at random by 30 minutes prior to the draft or, in Custom Leagues, by the League Manager. Once established, the draft order is reflected in "Draft Info" from the league page before the draft, to the left of the Draft Client during the draft, and on the Draft Results page after the draft is complete.

        NFL-Managed Scoring Settings Fantasy only features head-to-head scoring, where each team is matched up against another team within a league each week.


        Passing1 point per 25 yards
        Passing Touchdowns4 points
        Interception-2 Points
        Rushing1 point per 10 yards
        Rushing Touchdowns6 points
        Receiving Yards1 point per 10 yards
        Receiving Touchdowns6 points
        Fumble Recovered for a Touchdown6 points
        2-point Conversion2 points
        Fumble Lost-2 points


        PAT Made1 point
        FG Made (0-49)3 points
        FG Made (50+)5 points

        Team Defense and Special Teams

        Sack1 point
        Interception2 points
        Fumble Recovered2 points
        Safety2 points
        Defensive Touchdowns6 points
        Kick and Punt Return Touchdowns6 points
        0 Points Allowed10 points
        1-6 Points Allowed7 points
        7-13 Points Allowed4 points
        14-20 Points Allowed1 point
        21-27 Points Allowed0 points
        28-34 Points Allowed-1 points
        35+ Points Allowed-4 points

        General Scoring Settings

        Use Fractional PointsYes
        Use Negative PointsYes

        Filling Your League

        League Manager may fill their leagues in the following ways:

        • Email Tool - Send automated, instructional email invitations from within your league. Select the Invite Friends link in the league home page or MANAGE tab.

        • League ID and Password - Provide potential team owners with the Custom League ID, password ,the following URL:

        • Publish to League Directory - Publish the league to the Custom League Directory by selecting "Edit Publish League" in the MANAGE tab and deciding whether the league is open or requires your approval

        Injury Report and Inactives

        Players who are injured will have an Injury designation near their name across the site. The lnjury Report in the Player tab shows official injury reports sortable by team, ownership status, and week. Final injury designations (listed below) are made on game days.

        • Inactive (IA) - Players are officially inactive for the current game and will not play
        • Out (O) - Not scheduled to play
        • Doubtful (D) - Players have approximately a 25% chance of playing
        • Questionable (Q) - Players have approximately a 50% chance of playing
        • Probable (P) - Players are very likely to start in the upcoming week
          • The RESERVE slot is a Custom League roster position option that allows an injured or suspended player to be kept on a team but not count against the team's roster. Players are eligible for the Reserved slot if they are officially labeled by their NFL team as:

            • RES: Injured Reserve
            • NON: Non Football Related Injured Reserve
            • SUS: Suspended
            • PUP: Physically Unable to Perform
            • EXE: Exempt

            Custom League Options

            There are over 200 ways to customize a Custom League at

            • For a more detailed explanation on the options to be considered upon league creation, please see our Starting the Season section for League Managers.
            • For a complete list of the rest of Custom League Options at, please see our More Customizable Settings section.

            Pre-Draft Ranking

            Pre-Draft Ranking is a customizable list of players to draft for a team, set in order of the team owner's preference. This list may be used as a guide during a Live Draft, for the site if a team owner is absent for some or all of the draft, or for the site during an Autopick League draft.

            Select "Pre-Draft Rankings" from the MY TEAM tab to begin the process of moving players on to your list and placing them in your preferred order (or giving them an auction draft value). Place any player you don't want on the "Excluded Player" list, and distinguish position-per-round preferences using that respective button as well. There is no minimum or maximum of players to rank. Any player left unranked will default to the fantasy player rankings.

            NFL-Managed League Settings

            For a complete list of the rest of Default League Settings at, please see our League Settings section on the Joining a League page.

            League Directory

            In the League Directory, users find fantasy leagues sorted by league type, draft type, draft date, scoring settings, and roster settings. The "Details" link under League Notes provides the league settings.

            Select "Join" for open leagues or "Apply" for those that require application. Fill out team details (include your address to be eligible for prizes) and SUBMIT to be redirected to the league to begin preparing for the draft.

            Which League is Right for Me?

            Below are league type definitions for fantasy football leagues at Generally speaking, users who want to play with other users on the site from around the world play in NFL-Managed leagues, users who want to play with a group of users they already know or have a desire to play with non-default settings play in Custom Leagues, users who can't make time or decide on a time for the draft join Autopick Leagues, users who want greater commitment, greater competition, and prizes play in Ultimate Experience Leagues, and users who have previously won a league and want only to play against others who have done so play in Winners Leagues.

            NFL-Managed Leagues - Leagues with standard scoring, roster, transaction, seeding, and schedule settings run by
            Custom Leagues - Leagues with customizable scoring, roster, transaction, seeding, division, and schedule settings created and run by an user
            Autopick Leagues - Leagues that are drafted automatically according to site or personal rankings. This option has its own button in the League Directory
            Ultimate Experience Leagues - Leagues that pay a fee in order to play for prizes such as championship rings, autographed footballs and jerseys, officiating flags, game coins, and more. Pricing varies by prize. You may choose to join an Ultimate Experience League or upgrade your personal Custom League.
            Winners Leagues - Leagues accessible only to those users that have previously won a Fantasy League


            A keeper is a player that is selected by a predetermined deadline to remain on a fantasy team from one year to the next. Leagues can allow up to ten keepers. Draft picks are awarded to teams that decide not to keep the maximum amount of players. By default, keepers or picks-in-lieu-of-keepers are allotted in the initial round(s) of a league's draft, though this is fully customizable in the Custom Draft Board.

            If your keeper league expands, the League Manager can designate keepers or choose to award extra draft picks for new team(s).

            Team owners select keepers by selecting "Keepers" in the MY TEAM tab.

            League Managers manage keepers and keeper settings with the following links in the MANAGE tab: Edit

            • Edit League Settings: number of keepers and keeper lock date
            • Edit League Keepers: Edit keepers for teams
            • Edit Keepers Note: Include keeper instructions to teams

            Dynasty Leagues

            Dynasty Leagues - long-term large-roster keeper leagues in which most or allof the rosters are retained from year to year, can be created the same way as any Custom League, and may contain up to 40 players and keepers per team.

            Fantasy Glossary

            For a complete list of fantasy-relevant terminology, please see our Fantasy Glossary page.

            Fantasy Scoring

            Fantasy scoring is based on actual football statistics. Game stats are noted, compiled, and communicated to sports media by officials at the stadium, then reflect online, where they are tabulated for fantasy teams to determine the outcome of fantasy games. Fantasy only features head-to-head scoring, where each team is matched up against one other team within a league each week. For a complete list of scoring settings, please see our Defaultand Custom Scoring pages.

            Setting Your Roster

            Roster setting, or deciding which players' scores will count and which will not for a weekly matchup, takes place in the MY TEAM page. A player whose score will count is called a "starter" or in the "starting lineup". To place him there is to "start" him. A player whose score will not count is referred to as "on the bench" or "sat". To place him there is to "sit" him.

            Select the gray box to the left of the player bar, then one of the green boxes that appear, to change the player's position in the roster. Team owners may also "drag and drop" the player using the same grey box. Select the yellow SUBMIT button to save all moves. Team owners are allowed to do this as many times as they want until the team or players lock at game time.

            You can only start as many players as your league settings allow and only in the positions in which each player is designated.

            Lineup Lock Times

            Players in starting roster spots (not benched players) lock (become unable to be moved, added, dropped, or traded) for the weekend in one of the following three ways:

            • Each player/spot locks at about the individual player's listed kickoff time (default setting)
            • All players/spots lock at about the first game's listed kickoff time (custom league option)
            • Players/spots do not lock for games

            Any player available as a Free Agent within the league will switch over to Waivers at this time. If No Waivers is chosen as a Custom League option, Free Agent Lock Type must then be determined. The options are Yes (player locks at game time) or None.