Frequently Asked Questions will update this page throughout the Fantasy season as we receive questions and feedback from our users.

How do waivers work during the Fantasy Playoffs?

While dependent on the waiver setting enabled in your league, waivers operate in a very similar way during the playoffs as they do during the regular season, with a single exception.

  • Inverse Order of Standings - gives teams with the poorest records (or lowest draft position) the best waiver priority to claim players on waivers. Waiver priority is reset each Tuesday based on the current league standings (throughout the duration of the fantasy regular season). During the week, a team's waiver priority will also change with a successful waiver claim. Note that in the fantasy playoffs (specific weeks dependent on your league settings), the waiver priority no longer resets based on inverse order of standings, as the standings do not update after your league's regular season has ended. Instead, waiver priority is based on a continual rolling list (move to end after a successful waiver claim), the same as in-week waiver moves during the regular season. This helps to ensure that the lowest seeded playoff team does not have a weekly advantage over other competing playoff teams.
  • Move to Last After Claim - sets the waiver priority based on the opposite of the draft order, but only changes waiver priority when a successful waiver claim is made.

Can I upload a custom team logo for my Fantasy team?

Yes, to further customize your Fantasy experience, you can do exactly this. To upload you own custom logo, follow these steps:

Sign into your Fantasy Account and navigate to Next, click MY TEAM, then Edit Settings. Under Team Logo, click the blank image labeled Click the image to upload a file from your computer. Choose a file from your computer. Recommended dimensions are 80x40 pixels (JPG, PNG, or GIF). Click Submit to upload the image, then Submit again to save as your custom logo.

How is Winning Percentage calculated in League Standings?

Winning percentage is calculated based on the numbers of wins, losses, and ties your team earns. This is the same calculation used to create the NFL regular season standings:

  • Winning Percentage (WIN %) = (TOTAL WINS) + (.5 x TOTAL TIES) / (TOTAL GAMES PLAYED)

Which Fantasy Football league is right for me?

Choosing the right league is an important first step to an enjoyable season. Fantasy Football 2011 offers various league types that cater to Fantasy Football veterans and rookies alike. If you want to join a standard fantasy football league to compete against similar fans and compete for great NFL prizes, an NFL-Managed league may be right for you. If you prefer to join or create a customizable fantasy football league to compete against friends, family, and other NFL fans, a Custom league may be right for you. Read the descriptions below to learn more and decide for yourself which league is the right choice for you.

What is the difference between joining a league and creating a league?

Joining a league means you will be the owner of a single team within a league. You will control a team roster and compete weekly against other teams within your league. Creating a league means you will act as League Manager (you are in charge of choosing league settings and inviting team owners), in addition to controlling one of the teams within that league. Both joining and creating a league are 100% free with Fantasy Football.

What are the new features in Fantasy Football 2013? Fantasy Football includes several new features designed to enhance your Fantasy Football experience. From exclusive video highlights integrated throughout the game to player projections provided by EA Sports Madden NFL 25, you're in the right place for the most impressive fantasy football experience available today.

How do I sign up today?

Visit and select either "Create a League" or "Join a League". The official Fantasy Football experience of the NFL is only a few clicks away!

What is the "Fees" link referenced near the top of the League Home Page? Isn't Fantasy Football 2013 totally free?

**Important note: ALL aspects of Fantasy Football 2013 (join a league, create a league, transactions, etc.) are FREE to play. Fees are only a part of Custom Leagues if the League Manager elects to incorporate them. is not involved in the use of fees in custom leagues.

In Custom Fantasy Leagues, the League Manager can calculate and track fees associated with his or her league through the Fees tool. The option exists for Custom League managers to set up (at their discretion) fees for the following: Player Adds, Trades and Initial League Fees. The Paid and Balance columns help League Managers convey current fees owed to all team owners. Access the Fees tool by navigating to Fees from the League Homepage. From this page, team owners can view current fees and balances and League Managers can edit these values.

To reiterate, all Fantasy Football leagues are free to join, create and play.

Why do my projected and actual fantasy point totals include fractional and negative points?

If you play in an NFL-Managed league, you may see negative point totals for players during games throughout the season. For example (using NFL-Managed default scoring settings), if your starting quarterback throws for 100 yards (4 points) and 4 interceptions (-8 points), plus he loses a fumble (-2 points), your quarterback's total would be -6 points for the game. It is important to remember that if your players have a poor performance on the field, negative fantasy points are a possibility on your roster.

If you play in a Custom Fantasy League, the precise point totals that you see for your team are dependent on the scoring settings established by your League Manager. If your League Manager chooses to have negative points, you could see players with negative point totals as described above.

Fractional points are another feature on Fantasy Football. Fractional totals occur when a League Manager sets specific scoring regulations that award points to players in non-whole numbers. Say your starting running back runs for 17 yards on his first carry of the game. With default NFL-Managed scoring settings, your RB would earn 1.7 point for the 17 yards he successfully gained. If your Custom League calls for fractional points, your RB will have earned 1.7 points in the same way. Note that your Custom League Manager may choose not to count fractional points, in which case the RB would have scored only 1 point for the 17 yard carry. He would need to gain 3 additional yards to garner the extra point for gaining a total of 20 yards. In fact, your League Manager can customize any setting (touchdowns, field goals, interceptions, etc) to earn custom point totals. Check your league's scoring settings for more information.

Be mindful of your league's scoring settings before you join, enter the draft or set your lineup!

There is an asterisk next to the fantasy points for one of my players. What does this mean?

When as asterisk is displayed next to the fantasy points total of one of your players, this means that a special scoring instance occurred. If your custom league has certain bonuses attributed to certain plays, that will be displayed by an asterisk. Also, if your custom league enables Individual Defensive Players and they score on an offensive play or fumble a ball on an interception or fumble return, this will also be shown by an asterisk. Asterisks are also used to show when a Kicker scores a touchdown as Jay Feely did for the Cardinals in 2011.

In the instance that your custom league has Punt/Return touchdowns on in their offensive scoring settings, this will also be noted by an asterisk.

If an offensive player from the same team as my starting Team Defense fumbles or throws an interception that leads to a touchdown, does that count against my Team Defense points allowed?

No, points that a defense scores against the offensive turnovers of your Team Defense team do NOT count against your Team Defense points allowed.

For example, for the situation when you are starting the Cardinals Team Defense against the Rams, let's say Sam Bradford throws an interception to Patrick Peterson who returns it for a touchdown. Although the Cardinals scored 6 points on the play, the Rams Team Defense did not surrender the touchdown and thus they are not penalized for giving up points. However, any points given up while the special teams for the Rams are on the field (including a field goal or extra point) do count in this total.

Do I have to fill every position in my roster in the Live Draft Application? Or can I draft as many players as I want at any position?

You do not have to fill every position on your roster in the Live Draft Application. If you want to load up on Running Backs and only Running Backs, you can do so. Your bench will accommodate every player that you draft at their designated position. Please note, however, that if you do not have a full complement of players for your starting roster, it will be very challenging for you to win each week. There are no positional draft maximums on Fantasy Football.

For example, if your draft strategy is to load up on the best Quarterbacks, drafting as many as you can and then trading for other pieces to fill out your starting roster. You can do this on Fantasy Football.

How many Fantasy teams/leagues can I join?

You can join up to six fantasy teams/leagues with one user name.

When and how do I enter my league's live draft?

On the day of your league's live draft, a "Drafting Now" image will appear on your League Homepage 30 minutes prior to your scheduled draft time. To enter the draft, click the "Enter Draft" button and allow the draft client to load. Be sure to test the draft client on the computer you plan to draft from before draft day so that you are sure the draft will load properly. The link to test the draft client is located in the League Notes section on your League Homepage.

What do the abbreviations W/R and W/T stand for within the game?

These abbreviations represent the flex positions Wide Receiver/Running Back (W/R) and Wide Receiver/Tight End (W/T). In Custom leagues, the League Manager has the option to enable flex positions in the starting lineup. These flex positions allow individual team owners to choose from between a few positions (WR/RB or WR/TE) to fill a single starting slot.

Did any of the NFL-Managed settings change from last years game?

Yes a few changes have been made from the 2012 Fantasy Football game. We have created Auction Draft NFL-Managed Leagues for those users who really want to test their drafting stills. Also, we have added new tie-breaker settings. Now, if you and another team are tied in the standings, the team with the better head-to-head record will win the tie.

What is the difference between making my league viewable to the public and publishing my league?

When you publish your league to our league directory, owners who are looking to join a league will be able to quickly do so by clicking on the Join button. When you make your league viewable to the public, you are just allowing other members to view your league standings, matchups and statistics. However, when a league is made viewable to the public, this does not mean that anyone can join it. They are only able to view the league.

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