Fantasy Guru

Up all night thinking who you should start for your fantasy team this week? Fantasy Guru is here for you, exclusive to Fantasy Football. Assistance for all of your key fantasy decisions is just one click away.

Fantasy Guru


For weekly roster management, use the Fantasy Guru?s Start/Bench feature. Taking player performance trends, the latest injury reports, weekly projections and Experts rankings into account, the Start/Bench feature will optimize your lineup in no time at all.

Example: Fantasy Guru looks at team defense strength to compare your entire active roster, determining that Le'Veon Bell, your backup RB makes for a better play this week than typical starter Matt Forte. Fantasy Guru will suggest a swap of running backs to optimize your lineup in the current matchup.


Looking to improve your team for more than just this week? With Add/Drop, Fantasy Guru looks for your roster?s positional weaknesses and then analyzes your league?s available Free Agents, reccomending players to meet those needs for you.

We know dropping a player can be a big decision so Fantasy Guru has done the research. It takes into account long-term projections, ranking and strength of schedule and provides Add/Drop advice catered to creating the best roster possible.

Example: What if your defense has been playing stellar this season, but faces a daunting matchup against the high scoring New Orleans Saints? Fantasy Guru will compare the available defenses and recommend one that has a better matchup. Instead of giving up on your go-to defense, Fantasy Guru might recommend adding the back-up defensive squad and dropping a low scoring player or a player buried on your depth chart.


Fantasy Guru also offers a helping hand with trade advice, analyzing roster strengths and weaknesses for your team and comparing to other teams in the league.

Example: If your team has a strong Running Back core but could use help with Tight Ends, Fantasy Guru will find a team in your league with strong backup TE which could use help at RB. Fantasy Guru then gives you a few trade recommendations that will help both teams.