Transactions (Custom)

If you are not satisfied with your team's performance, you can change it! Whether you need to replace a player on a bye week or want to shake up your roster by adding a new player or trading for someone else, you have the power to make those roster moves.

Adding and Dropping a Player

If your team is over or under the allowable limit of roster spots (check your Custom League settings for your league-specific settings), you may need to add or drop some players.

To Add a player from your team page:

  • Click Add at the top of the page
  • From the player list, either filter or search for the player you wish to add to your team
  • Click the + under the Action column next to the player you wish to add to your team
  • On the Add Player page, either select a player to drop from your roster (if you are at the limit) or select Do Not Drop A Player (if you have an open roster slot), then click Confirm
  • Review your potential acquisition and then click Confirm Add

Depending on your league settings and the time of the week, you will either have immediate access to your added player or you will have to wait for that player to clear waivers before being added to your team.

To Drop a player from your team page:

  • Click Drop at the top of the page
  • From the list of players on your roster, check the box next to the player(s) that you wish to drop
  • Review your potential player to drop and click Submit


In Custom Leagues, waivers are an optional league setting determined by your League Manager. To view your league's specific waiver settings, click the League Tab and navigate to the Settings link at the top of the page.

As a League Manager, you will have multiple choices for how your waiver process will work or even if you want waivers at all.

With waivers enabled, you can pick from a variety of waiver periods which determine how many days a player will be placed on the waiver wire.

  • No Waivers
  • 1 Day (Initial claims process on Wednesday) ( Default)
  • 2 Days (Initial claims process on Thursday)
  • 3 Days (Initial claims process on Friday)
  • 4 Days (Initial claims process on Saturday)

Once a waiver period is selected, you will able to determine how your league's Free Agent Lock Type processes.

  • Yes (Player locks at Game Time)
  • None

If you would like non-rostered players to lock at their individual game time, Yes is the correct choice. If your league would rather that players only lock when they are dropped, None is the option that you should select.

The League Manager will also be able to determine their leagues Waiver Type and how Post Draft Players are categorized after your draft is complete.

If your league has Waivers enabled, the following Waiver Types are offered by

  • Inverse Order of Standings - Gives teams with the poorest records (or lowest draft position) the best waiver priority to claim players on waivers. Waiver priority is reset each Tuesday based on the current league standings (throughout the duration of the fantasy regular season). During the week, a team's waiver priority will also change with a successful waiver claim. Note that in the fantasy playoffs (specific weeks dependent on your league settings), the waiver priority no longer resets based on inverse order of standings, as the standings do not update after your league's regular season has ended. Instead, waiver priority is based on a continual rolling list (move to end after a successful waiver claim), the same as in-week waiver moves during the regular season. This helps to ensure that the lowest seeded playoff team does not have a weekly advantage over other competing playoff teams.
  • Move to Last After Claim - Sets the waiver priority based on the opposite of the draft order, but only changes waiver priority when a successful waiver claim is made.
  • Waiver Acquisition Budget (WAB) - Each team is allotted a seasonal budget. This seasonal budget is the amount of points that each team has at their disposal to bid on available players. The team with the highest bid wins that player and is charged the amount of WAB points that they bid to obtain the player. If you bid on a player, but lose to a higher bid, you do not forfeit the amount of points that you bid. All of the WAB points that you bid will be returned to your seasonal budget. In the event of a tie, the team with higher waiver priority will win the bid. For more information, visit Waiver Acquisition Budget (WAB).

You will have two choices for Post Draft Players. This includes Follow Waiver Rules or Free Agents.

If you chose No Waivers for your league, you will also need to determine your Free Agent Lock Type. If you prefer to have players remain Free Agents, but lock at their respective game time, choose Yes (player locks at game time). If your league would rather non-rostered players never lock and are always available to be picked up as Free Agents, select None.

If your league has Waivers enabled, players will lock according to league setting (either First Game of the week or individual Game Time). Any player available as a Free Agent within the league will switch over to Waivers at this time.

When a player is placed on waivers and more than one owner claims him, the team with the higher waiver priority is awarded the player. As noted above, each time a successful waiver claim is completed, the team awarded that player is moved to the end of the Waiver Priority list for their next transaction. You can view the results of your waiver claims by selecting the Waiver Report from within the navigation on your My Team page.

If there are no claims on a player during the waiver period, the player becomes a free agent (i.e. can be picked up at any time). Note that if you drop a player and place him on waivers, you are unable add that player to your roster again until after the waiver period has expired.

Your team’s current waiver priority is displayed on the League Page in the Standings area, next to your team’s win/loss streak.

Free Agents

A free agent is a player who is not currently on a fantasy roster either because that player was not drafted, has not been added to a roster, or has been released by his previous owner and cleared waivers. You can add a free agent player at any time leading up to your league’s add/drop deadline before that week’s games.

Player Search

When you need to find a specific player, use the Player Search feature on the Add page. Type in the player’s first or last name and you will be taken to a list of potential players. From that ensuing player list you can review the player’s stats, find out if the player is on waivers, is a free agent or if his rights belong to another team.

You may also use the Player Search bar at the top right of the Fantasy Header (to the right of your League Name at the top of the page). Begin by entering a player's name and the Player Search bar will auto-populate with all players containing those letters in his first or last name. Selecting a player from this view will display the player's Player Card, containing quick access to statistics, news, and video highlights.

Undroppable Players

In order to establish a competitive and balanced Fantasy experience, the experts at maintain a regularly updated list of players who cannot be dropped from your roster once they have been acquired. Players on this list are still eligible to be benched or traded, but not dropped or put on waivers. This feature promotes a fair game for all fantasy users by preventing actions that could compromise the integrity of the game.

You can view your league's Undroppable Players list by navigating to "Players" in the Fantasy navigation and then selecting Undroppable Players.

The League Manager can disable this feature in Custom League settings. With Undroppable Players disabled, all players are free to be dropped in your league.