Custom League Story

The custom league story is a unique tool provided by which allows League Managers and specified users within a league the opportunity to compose a story about their league which will be featured on the League Home page. The LM can include a subject, text and image to truly customize their league experience. League stories are also easily archived, so you can create a running storyline that tracks all of the ups and downs of your fantasy season.

The newest story will always be posted on the League Home for all owners to see, but you can go back to previously created league stories that have been archived. Users will also have the ability to comment on the stories as they are posted.

The League Story is a space to make your league unique. You can upload pictures that are pertinent to your league and give it a special feel. will also provide you with the most popular photos from each week that you can choose from.

Creating a League Story

Custom leagues can post league stories to their Fantasy Football league home page. By default, the custom league manager can create, manage and archive league stories and the LM can also choose to grant this permission to other users (non-league managers) in the league.

To create a league, a user should navigate to the Create Story page from the League Home centerpiece. Enter a Subject (max 250 characters), Body (max 5000 characters) and select or upload a custom image. Once a league story is created, the League Manager and other users granted permission can archive and create additional stories. These stories will also be a part of your custom league's League History section for reference in future seasons.

Smack talk and tracking your league's season has never been easier.

Granting Permission to Other Users

To grant league story-creation permission to other owners, the League Manager should navigate to the Manage tab and click on “Edit League Management Permissions”. From there, put a check in the box next to the owners who you would like to be able to create polls.