Keeper Leagues provides league managers the opportunity to fully personalize their keeper league settings, from the number of keepers to custom keeper draft settings to and much, much more.

How a Keeper League Works

League Managers are able to designate how many players each team in their league can keep. This can range from 1 to 10. All owners have until a predetermined date (either the League Draft Date, or any other date that is set by the League Manager) to make their selections. If a team fails to designate the full number of keepers, that team is awarded a draft pick in place of the keeper or the League Manager can set the remaining keepers for the team. Keepers are always fully customizable, so use your imagination and build your perfect keeper league on

If your keeper league expands from one year to the next, the LM can also designate keeper players for the new team(s) or choose to award extra draft picks to fill out the team's roster.

By default, keepers are allotted in the initial round(s) of your league's draft. If your league allows two keepers, the first two rounds of the draft will be occupied by default by each teamís keeper selections. If a keeper is not set by the team or LM, the user would then receive a draft pick in lieu of the keeper.

Custom Keeper Settings

With the Customizable Draft Board, League Managers can get as creative as they wish with their keeper settings. If the default keeper settings don't work for your league, is happy to oblige. Set between 1-10 keepers annually, choose a custom keeper lock date and when you really want to customize, head to the Customizable Draft Board.

With, you may choose to fully customize how keepers are allotted. For example, some leagues may choose to allot keepers to draft rounds based on the player's draft slot in the previous season. With the Customizable Draft Board, the league can get as creative as they wish, fully customizing how your keeper selections are allotted based on your league's unique criteria. The League Manager will be able to easily meet the specific specifications of your league by using the Custom Draft Board. This tool is available in your league's Manage section under the Draft Management section.

For additional information about the Customizable Draft Board, visit Setting Keepers: Customizable Draft Board.

How To Select Keepers

As a team owner, you will be able to easily select keepers prior to the predetermined deadline set forth by your League Manager. Simply navigate to your My Team page and click on "Keepers" at the top of the page. From there, select the players you wish to keep from a drop down menu. On this page, you will also be able to see any notes left by the League Manger that will clarify any further instructions that you need to be aware of.

League Manager Keeper Tools

As the League Manager, you will have access to numerous tools to manage your keeper settings. The Manage tab will provide access to these tools. You can utilize these tools via:

  • Edit League Settings - set the number of keepers and a keeper lock date
  • Edit League Keepers - edit or select keepers for each team in your league, including the ability to select a free agent as a team's keeper
  • Edit Keepers Note - include special keeper instructions to teams in your league

With, customizing keepers is just the start to your perfect custom league.