Custom Draft Board

The Custom Draft Board allows you to fully customize nearly every aspect of your custom league. From keepers to draft pick trades to special draft orders, the custom draft board is your ultimate customization tool to truly make your league your own.

Accessing the Custom Draft Board

The Custom Draft Board is located in the "Draft Management" section of your league's Manage tab. Simply click "Manage" from your League navigation and find the Customize Draft Board tool. Confirm that you want to enter the tool and customize your league's draft setup to without limits. Snake, Linear or Custom draft order? Keepers at the start, end or throughout the draft? Draft pick trades? It's all up to you.

Trading Draft Picks and Changing the Draft Order

Whether you want to trade draft picks or change the draft order, it's easy with the Custom Draft Board. Once you have entered the Custom Draft Board, click "Change Draft Order". Your current draft order will display and simply click individual draft picks in pairs to swap and set a custom draft order. Did two teams agree to a blockbuster deal last season that needs to be reflected prior to your draft? Click a draft pick cell and then where you want to swap it. Your change will be confirmed in yellow and when all trades or changes are made, click "Submit". When your league draft room opens, all of the changes you made will be reflected and you can jump right into your live draft per your specific custom preferences.

Changing Draft Order allows you to enfoce custom keeper settings including:

  • Trading draft picks
  • Setting a custom, snake or linear draft order
  • Rewarding past performance with better draft picks
  • Penalizing past performance or new teams with worse draft pick slots
  • Or, another custom draft setting you prefer to use

Note that at the end of the draft, each team must exit with the same number of players (such as in a 15-player roster league, each team must draft or keep a total of 15 players).

Setting and Editing Keepers

As the League Manager, set custom keeper rules and use the Custom Draft Board to select where each team's keepers should be drafted. Click "Select Keeper Players" and you will see all keepers set to the initial rounds of the draft by default. Simply hover over a pick and when you see the pencil icon, click the cell to display the keeper selection tool. Choose the specified keeper who should fill that slot (click done to confirm the change). You will note that the keeper then swaps into your chosen position. Repeat over and over until all keepers are in their correct slots and then click "Submit". When your league draft room opens, keepers will be placed on each individual team as you specified and when those picks are up to draft, they will be skipped, as the pick has already been made for you.

Custom Draft Board

Customizing keepers allows you to enfoce custom keeper settings including:

  • Keepers take up the initial round(s) of the Draft (Standard Setting)
  • Keepers take up their previous year's draft position, plus or minus one round
  • Keepers are mixed throughout based on another custom setting
  • Or, another custom keeper setting you prefer to use