Creating a Custom Schedule

If the default schedule generated by for your custom league is not to your liking, League Managers can fully customize the weekly schedule and matchups. This allows League Managers to schedule rivalry weeks, move divisional matchups throughout the season or create additional custom matchups to each league's preferences.

Once your custom league is created, simply click on the Manage tab and navigate to the “Customize League Schedule” tool. This will give you a view of the current regular matchups for each week the entire fantasy regular season. To edit a specific week, click the Edit Week Matchup link. You can then move teams and fully customize the matchups to your liking.

To make adjustments within the Customize League Schedule tool, follow these steps:

  • Click on the gray box in the “Move” column to select a team to edit.
  • Once you pick a team to move, click on the green box next to the team you want to swap with. These two teams will now swap positions and swap matchups.
  • The teams that have been moved will now be indicated by yellow boxes and can still be moved if you choose.
  • Make as many swaps as you prefer and then click the “Submit” button to save your changes.

Once you have saved your changes, you will be redirected to the View Custom Schedule page and your changes will be reflected there.

Keep in mind that once the first kickoff of the week has taken place, the current week's matchups are locked. Until then, feel free to make as many changes as you see fit.

Note that each team must have a single opponent each week. There are no byes in Fantasy Football, as each league as an even number of teams.

Schedule Randomizer

With our Schedule Randomizer, League Managers can quickly shuffle their league's schedule. You may reshuffle your schedule as many times as you wish until it is exactly how you would desire.

By utilizing this feature, your league schedule will be different from one season to the next. Keep in mind that you can use our Custom Draft Board to manually alter your league schedule.

Note that you may only randomize your schedule before your season begins. Once the season is underway you cannot utilize this tool. Also, if you expand your league and invite more teams to join, your schedule will revert back to your original schedule