Creating a Custom League

If you want to have full control over your fantasy league, including customized scoring and league settings, then create a Custom League on In the Custom game, you are the League Manager, which makes you responsible for setting the rules, inviting other players and managing your fantasy league from start to finish.

League Manager Role

As the League Manager, you are in charge from the moment you create your league, through the Draft and the Regular Season, all the way through the Playoffs and until a League Champion is crowned. With that League Manager control, though, comes the responsibility of ensuring that your league remains competitive, fair and fun. League Managers may have the authority to veto trades, remove abusive team owners, make rulings on disputes, and much, much more. It's up to the League Manager to keep the best interest of the league in mind so that all owners have a rewarding fantasy experience that keeps them engaged throughout the season. After all, fantasy football is all about fun and getting closer to game on the field.

Specifically, the League Manager is responsible for:

  • Creating a league on Fantasy Football
  • Setting the league settings, scoring settings, draft date and type, league size and season schedule
  • Inviting friends, family and other users to participate in the league
  • Resolving conflicts and disputes
  • If desired, creating and updating a League Story to further customize your league(see Manage tab for more details)
  • And of course, managing your own team in the League

League Customization

There are a countless number of ways to customize the Fantasy game so you can set up your league exactly how you want it.

Use the following steps to set up your Custom League:

  • Visit
  • Click "Create a League".
  • Enter your desired League Name (the system will alert you if that team name has already been chosen).
  • Enter your desired League Password (remember, you will be sending this password to all the other fantasy owners in your league).
  • If you choose, you can select a custom URL for your fantasy team. Names must be appropriate and with a max of 20 characters. For example,
  • Select your desired draft format. You can choose between a Standard or Auction Draft, For a description of Fantasy Football Draft Formats, click here.
  • Select your preferred draft type. For a description of Fantasy Football Draft types, click here.
  • Select the number of teams that you would like to have in your league. You can pick any even number between 4 and 20. Next, select if you want to have divisions. If so, choose between 2, 3 and 4 divisions for your league. Lastly for this section, choose when you would like your playoffs to start. For a description of the Fantasy Football Playoffs, click here.
  • Click the "Customize League Settings" drop-down menu to fully customize how your league can Add/Drop players, make Trades, acquire players through Free Agency and Waivers, and Roster size/starting positions.
  • Click the "Customize Scoring Settings" drop-down menu to fully customize scoring options for Offense, Kickers, Defense, and Individual Defensive Players (IDP). You can even add bonus points for when players hit certain benchmarks on the field.
  • Fill out your team-specific information, including team name, time zone, and league event emails.
  • Click "Create My League" to confirm your selections.

Donít like a setting now that you think about it? Not to worry. After your league is created, navigate to the Manage tab at the top of your screen and access additional settings and tools that you can customize to your exact specifications. Keep in mind that some settings are only available during specific parts of the season (Pre-Draft or Post-Draft). Some of the parameters of your league that you can tailor to your preference include editing team rosters, changing your playoff settings and modifying team scores on a given week. Please note that all decisions affect your entire fantasy league.

Filling your League

As the League Manager in a Custom Fantasy Football League you are responsible for making sure you have a full, fun and competitive League. You have the power to invite anyone you want to your league. Friends, co-workers, family, acquaintances... even complete strangers. The best team owners within your league may be anyone who you think would make a good, season-long fantasy owner and make your league the best it can be. With Fantasy Football, you will also have the option to renew your league next season, so form a league and try to build your team into a dynasty.

Once you have targeted those people who you want to participate in your Custom league, it is up to you to share with them the necessary information to join your league. You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Email Tool - Send an email out to specific contacts you want to invite from within your Fantasy Football league. When you first create your Custom League you will see a list of pending tasks that you can execute (if you wish) once registration is complete. One of those options is Invite Friends. Click that link on the League home page (or navigate to the Manage Tab where you can also click Invite Friends) and enter the e-mail addresses and a personal note for those you want to invite to your fantasy league. They will receive an automated invitation from that includes your message and all the relevant details for joining your Custom league.
  • League ID and Password - Provide your Custom League ID and password to potential team owners you want to join your league. Simply point these users to the following URL to join your league with the provided information:
  • Publish to League Directory - Publish your custom league to the Custom League Directory by navigating to the Manage Tab (at the top of your Fantasy League navigation). Click the "Edit Publish League" tool and select "Yes". You can then decide to make your league open for all users to join or require a user to apply and be approved by you, the League Manager. This will make your custom league publically viewable in League Directory and may help to fill your league and ensure you will make your draft date/time.